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P1 Library Visit – Date for your Diary

Primary 1 are invited to visit Musselburgh Library this November.

P1A – Monday 18th November @ 9.00
P1B – Monday 18th November @ 9.45
P1C – Tuesday 19th November @ 9.00

It would be absolutely amazing if we could have as many parents/carers as possible joining us on our visit to support walking to and from the library as well as encouraging our P1s to read for enjoyment.

Please let your child’s class teacher know if you can help 🙂

First Day of School

Well Done to all our new Primary 1’s for a fantastic first day of school.

We played, painted, enjoyed role play and not to mention our singing and dancing!

We have introduced the classes to our new ‘Meet and Greet’ which occurs throughout the school each morning and afternoon – hug, high five, hand shake or fist pump.

We look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow and hope you aren’t too exhausted tonight.

Miss Smillie, Mr Marshall and Miss Thomson

P4A Hot Chocolate party

P4A enjoyed a hot chocolate party to celebrate with Miss Manus before she enjoys her maternity leave. We wanted to say a huge thank you for all her hard work this year. Here are some of the children’s comments.

‘Today because it was Miss Manus’ last day we had a hot chocolate party and we also made a paper chain with our nice messages’ Mariyah

‘We got to bring our teddy bears in’ Alexandra

‘We were signing songs with ‘Baby’ in the title including Baby Shark’ Amy

‘Here is a photo of all of us with our hot choc cups!’ Finlay

‘We had pink and white marshmallows with our hot chocolate’ Faith

‘Miss Manus was kind and treated us to some haribo’ Nathan

Zones of Regulation P4A

P4A have been exploring Zones of Regulation to keep check of our emotions and behaviours.

We use our coloured sitting spots each morning to ‘check in’ and let Miss Smillie know how we are feeling.

Today we made Cootie Catchers to take home and share – keep your eyes peeled for these in school bags.

Click the link below to see the Cootie Catchers in action!

P4A Learning and Photos!

Eventually P4A have managed to upload photos from our class camera to our laptop so we have a little gallery of photos to share with you!

Some children reflected on their learning this week…

‘We have had a rugby festival this week. I enjoyed it and playing with different schools’ Keegan

‘I was off school on Wednesday to celebrate Eid. My family came round and we exchanged gifts and we had some nice food’ Mariyah

‘We added clay legs and a head to our turtles. Our next step is for us to paint them when the clay is dry’ Alexandra

‘This week we have been learning how to do sudoku it is helping with our problem solving’ Amy

‘In our science experiment we began to make our own thermometer’ Finlay

‘We need a thermometer to measure the changes in the water temperature of our ocean (water tray)’ Taylor

‘We had to measure every 1/2 cm and every 1cm using a ruler to make a scale for our thermometer – to see if the temperature will change’ Kyle

SCIENTIFIC PREDICTION – ‘I think if we put the thermometer in cold water the solution will move down the scale’ Kayla