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Our Amazing castles!

We collected lots of cardboard boxes to make our castles. We worked in groups of 4 and each group created their own castle. We stuck them together with tape to make the different parts of the castle and then we painted them.

Everyone wanted to take the castles home so to make it fair we decided to have a lucky dip and the winner in each group got to take the castle home.

Our winners were Ollie, Caleb, Catelynn, Jackson ,Zander and Sophie and everyone in the class was very happy for them!

Here are some of our thoughts about our castle creating:

It was fantastic  fun -Mylie

It was fun because we didn’t know what our finished castle would turn out like.-Alex

I have been playing with the castle at home with my lego characters-Ollie

It was really fun working with my team to build the castle.-Aaron

I loved making it because we had to problem solve to decide how we were going to make the different parts. -Anna

I have been trying to build a copy of the castle with my lego -Zander

I have been playing with the castle using my figures at home -Sophie

Sometimes things didn’t work and we needed to be resilient and try a different way-Zachariah

P2/3 Dirleton Castle

Today P2/3 visited Dirleton Castle with P3a and P3b. Last term we had been learning all about castles . Our trip was fantastic and we had lots of fun .Here is what we thought of our visit .

Alex  and Cathy-It was really cool when we saw where the gatehouse used to be and the murder hole to drop things down on the enemy .

Ollie-I liked looking in all the secret areas .

Charlotte Jack  and Jacob- I loved being in the doocot because it was cool as it had lots of spaces for the pigeons.

Mylie-I liked walking up to the castle where the drawbridge used to be.

Zachariah , Zander, Jessica   -I liked it that Andrew our guide wore armour and had a sword.

Poppy -It was fun when we looked in all the different rooms of the castle.

Catelynn -I liked looking at where the Great Hall used to be.

Jackson  ,Holden , Layla and Aaron – Seeing all the castle was good and I liked hearing about all the information from Andrew.

Madison -I liked going round the castle in my group. I am pleased my Mummy came to help.

Belle -I liked having our picture taken with the knight.

Caleb -I liked seeing what the whole castle looked like when we were on the top deck of the bus.

Freya -I liked looking in the dungeons.

Brodie-I liked going on the bus being upstairs at the front with my Mum.

Daisy It was really fun meeting the knight.

Anna -I liked looking at the pictures around the castle that showed what it would have looked like.


A big thank you to our 4 parent helpers Mrs Ross ,Mrs Broadley , Mrs Rintoul and Mrs Scott  who accompanied us today .



The Book Fair is coming !

The Book Fair arrives this week and all classes will get a chance to visit with their teacher  and browse the books on offer. Every child will also be given a World Book Day voucher this week  which they can use at the Fair to get £1 off .

The Fair will be open on Thursday 7 March  from 9-10am and P3-7 children will be able to buy at this time .It will also be open from 2.45 -3.45 on Thursday afternoon and P1-2 children can visit then with their parents as can the afternoon nursery group .

On Friday 8 March the Fair will open at 8.30am to allow morning nursery parents to visit . P3-7 children can buy  again 9-10am .It will open at 12.20 -1pm at end of day on Friday for all to visit .

Thanks to our 3 parent volunteers for supporting the organisation and running  of the Fair on Thursday and Friday  .We are hoping we can also have it open on Monday 11 March too but we need volunteers to facilitate this. Please get in touch if you are able to help  in any way .

Thanks in advance for your support and we look forward to seeing you at the Book Fair


We need your help !

We need parent volunteers to run our Book Fair  from Thursday  7 March until Monday 11 March each morning and at the end of the school day.

Previous Fairs have been extremely successful thanks to the support from parents  ,raising commission which we are able to use to obtain  free books for our school library.

If you are able to help out at any time over the four days please get in touch with Mrs Dixon or contact the school office .

Details about Book Fair arrangements will be posted next week .

Thanks in advance for your support with this .

Celebrating our achievements in P2/3

This week our school has been talking about the right to be the best that we can be.

As a homework task all the children were asked to be able to talk about their wider achievements .

Everyone in Primary 2/3 was able to share their achievements with the class and our discussion demonstrated what a talented and busy bunch we are !

The children talked about a wide range of activities and achievements  including dancing, football, judo, swimming, gymnastics, playing the piano , motor bike racing, caring for pets, drawing and helping at home to earn pocket money. We even learned how to count to 5 in Finnish!

Well done P2/3 and keep up the good work !