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An unusual war wedding! P5A

Mrs Watt came in and talked about WW2 to P5a last Thursday during snack time. She told us about when her Grandmother and Grandfather had an unusual wedding! It was a surprising, interesting and enjoyable talk from Mrs Watt!

On the 23rd December, 1944 Mrs Watt’s Grandmother got married to a Welsh sailor. It was unusual because she actually had a wedding dress and two dinners. The cake had two tiers which was really lucky because of the rationing going on. One tier was donated from the Navy, and the other tier was made from all the rations from around the village.

After the wedding, it was talked about for years as it was so special. As a class we can understand because we have learned about rationing and how tough it was.

During the war Mrs Watt’s Grandad was in the North Sea on a Navy boat and they came across 9 Norwegian children in a rowing boat. They brought them aboard because they were going to sink and took them back to land. It was a tragic and heartwarming story.

We all say a massive thank you to Mrs Watt to sharing her story!

Look at the photographs to see the special day!

A massive well done to the whole class who combined their writing to make this post! – Mr Drysdale

P5a’s awesome and busy week

This week we have done so much World War 2 stuff! – Aidan Mc

We started building spitfires – Daryl

We have been learning about the bombs and planes for WW2. – Connie

Port of Pinkie was bombed and one building was destroyed. – Caitlyn

The boming raid  was terrifying and exhausting. –  Maja

We tested our Anderson Shelters. Some survived and some were destroyed as they weren’t strong enough. – Abbie

Maja’s WW2 cake was delightful. – Lily and Morgan


This was our last week to bring in homework… It was exciting. Lennon

In Science we made hovercrafts with a bottle cap and balloon – Jayden

We have been learning all the key features of a newspaper – Leah

When talking about WW2 we were highlighting the 5 W’s to use in  our newspaper. – Natalia

What a busy week indeed!!!

Codeword: Spitfire


P5A WWII Diaries

This morning, 5A looked back over their fantastic diaries they wrote in character discussing evacuation, new surroundings and missing Pinkie. It was a great opportunity to self and peer assess the diary writing against their own success criteria. Here is what some of the pupils said at the end of the lesson:

Natalia – “It was really good because you could see the amount of work and success criteria and all the tickled pink in the other persons work.”

Maja – “It was a nice double check to share with a partner.”

Leah – “You can do another one in the future and aim for all tickled pink.” 

Isla- “I think if you get green for growth that’s what you need to aim for to achieve success next round.”


Codeword: Success


In 5A we have been….

This week we have been acting like evacuees back in WW2 – Aidan Mc

We were learning about evacuees and them going on trains and what their experiences would be like – Lyall

Most people are really committed to our topic! – Emma

We have learned there were mickey mouse gasmasks for kids – Natalia

In PE we have been doing badminton the last couple of weeks and we’re pretty good at it. – Jayden

We have been learning how to go on google docs and have been pasting photos from WW2 like gasmasks on to the doc – Connie

Codeword: Marbles


The end of a successful Fruit Frenzy Express Tuckshop from 5A

It has been two weeks of fantastic fruit, but also fantastic learning coming from P5A with their very own business enterprise turning out to be a profitable success. There has been some outstanding contributions from the class and a huge level of responsibility from all taken on… with the handling of money, fruit and equipment. The positive comments from other pupils and staff and popularity of the fruit sold are clear enough to show how proud 5A should be.

I asked the class, ‘What made our Fruit Frenzy Express successful?’ They reflected on their success and here are some highlights of what the class said:

  • The prices were definitely fair. – Maja
  • Loads of people wanted to buy stuff. – Aidan Mc
  • Lots of people liked the types of fruit we picked – Elli
  • People gave up their own time to make the fruit – Lennon
  • We have done it for a good cause – Emma
  • People were trying new things they had never eaten before – David
  • Now I like different types of fruit – Connie
  • It was really successful because we got lots of feedback from people and it helped us to keep on going and motivate us. – Caitlyn
  • We’ve learnt different ways to prepare healthy food – Abbie
  • It was really good having the healthy bodies and healthy diets topic before – Lexi
  • I guess you could say they ‘tucked in’! – Ben and Robert
  • We loved creating the tuckshop, thank you for all your help. – Aiden B

As you can see, some really reflective thoughts on the success of the tuckshop and the learning involved. The class are still to decide what to do with the remaining profit now that the food order costs have been covered.  Keep your eyes peeled for P5B, who are hoping to take on a similar venture as part of their community responsibility.

Mr Drysdale