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Children In Need Total


The money has been counted by our P7 pupils, and the provisional total of money raised which is making its way to Children In Need is…


Well done for the fundraising efforts from the P7’s with their organised events and dress down, and the money also raised in the Nursery with their great day! Thank you to all parents and pupils who donated generously last week.

Primary 7’s Children In Need Fair and Dressdown

Primary 7 are supporting Children In Need, tomorrow on Friday 15th November. We are hosting games, challenges and puzzles for a small fee which will go to charity. There are lots of prizes such as teddies and sweet treats! Activities will be from 20p-50p.

Pupils can also dress down for a 50p donation. You could wear jeans, comfy clothes, pyjamas…. anything other than uniform! (Please avoid wearing football strips)

This donations will help with Children In Need which would be really worth it!

Jude, Cameron, Calum, Evie from P7B.


P7B update

A super quick update for the start of the week… P7B have been have been working on perfecting those paragraphs! Our class novel ‘Divided City’ has been creating some fantastic learning opportunities and discussion points. It is proving a great focus as part of our interdisciplinary learning. On Wednesday we will be doing an experiment involving teddies, remember to bring them in folks!

P7B Update

Wednesday was a wonderful day for P7B! Legendary literacy, outdoor learning with Mr Stone, and Mr Drysdale for Maths where pupils showed all their new skills pretending to be air traffic controllers and then French with Mrs Powlett and some time to squeeze in reading too!

Check out the photos of the groups creating their own unique team building games with loose parts and equipment. The class exceeded expectations with effort, creativity and attitude towards the challenge!