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Welcome to P7a

It has been a quick and busy start for P7a. Lots has been going on, here is a quick few thoughts of some of the pupils.

Thoughts about P7

“It has been a good start to the year and a good three days.” – Andrew

“We’ve been thinking about how we feel.” – Casey

“We are looking forward to going to Benmore!” – Tegan

House Captains

“We are planning on changing up the concept of House Captains because in the past we don’t think they have been as creative.” – Kelsey

“We have been thinking about the purpose, responsibilities and skills of House Captain” – Callum



P5a Busy Week Update

Since last week we have done all of this:

Homework Presentations

The whole class were sharing their learning and projects which they had been working at home and in class. Lots of us looked into mountains and hills and others did beaches, bridges and lakes.

New Wonderful Buddies

Today we got to find out and prepare a pamphlet for our new buddies next year! We are going to get P1a!

Football  Match Marvel

Last week all the teachers and P7s were doing a football match the teachers won. We made banners to support the teachers.


P4-7 took part in the Championships where there were 7 different sports. We are going to finish it on Friday.

Party coming soon for P5a

Most of you might remember the tuckshop we done before Christmas. We still have money left over so are going to have a party at the end of the term using the profit! We are going to plan it this week.


Thanks to all the pupils who helped write this!

P5A’s John Muir Award Update

We were so busy last week, we forgot to finish our blog post and update you on our John Muir Award!

Litter Picking

We are ‘little litter pickers’. We have went litter picking for the first time in the woods we named the woods the hollow woods and the river woods.

When got back from the woods we weighed them with a coil spring measure, then we measured all the bags together. It was 14.9kg!

There were glass bottles, cans, wrapper and so much more “you will not believe it”, and we did not believe it either.

Mr Macniven visit  

Mr Macniven came to tell us about John Muir and there were some facts  we never knew  about. He knew lots about John Muir but we think we know more than him.


We enjoyed working on and presenting the assembly and we hope you enjoyed it too. We tryed really hard even though we only had 2 weeks to practise super hard.

Marathon posters 

We designed and put up posters to convince people to  stop dropping litter. We did it because we worried that the problem would be worse when the marathon came to our school.

Well done to Paton, Connie, Natalia and Jayden who worked together to write this!