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A busy week for P5A…

Paton: “We have been learning about coordinates and directions on a new game called Turtle Pond”

Isla: “Turtle Pond is a great game where you direct the turtle to its pond.”

Morgan: “5a’s class average on AR quiz is 74%. It is getting better than the start of the year. Our average engaged is 10”

Leah: “We have wrote our stories about the apocalypse. We also learned Kung Fu Punctuation (It was fun!)”

P5A – Lots of learning!

There has been some really exciting learning going on in P5A over the last few weeks, with pupils responding really well to some challenging chunks of skills and knowledge thrown their way.

We have been focussing on directions and coordinates in Maths. Plenty of practical work outside has helped with this.  Everyone has been great at multiplying and dividing with 10,100,1000 and are still working on improving those fast facts in their multiples in numeracy.

IDL has seen great cooperative work with a focus of scavenging and building a survival shelter. This was great fun and a real challenge, but the class took away a lot from it and knew how to improve it if they had another chance. We even got a chance to wear wellies and waterproofs!

Elli – “We made a shelter using equipment thanks to the nursery! We used some crates, tarpaulin and lots of ropes and poles”

Aiden B – “We have been doing handball in PE with Mr Barrie”

Have a look at the photos to get an idea of what the learning has looked like.


Cross-Country Competition

This morning saw 11 pupils represent Pinkie at Meadowmill in a cross-country competition. All the pupils should be proud of their achievement and resilience shown on very challenging track conditions amongst a competitive field of runners from around East Lothian. Without being biased…. Pinkie certainly had some of the strongest finishers down that last 200m! Check out photos and quotes from the day. – Mr Drysdale

“It was very muddy when we were running and also very tiring but it was really fun and I managed to complete it in 8minutes 32 seconds!” Isla – P5a

“The people who were running tried there best and did amazing!” Emma –  P5a

“Thank you to the marshals for being to help us, direct us and keep us safe” Abbie – P5a

“It was very fun, active and it was a privilege to go” Miya – P6a