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P5/6 – Waffle Woman and Ingenious Inventor

It has been a phenomenally full fortnight in P5/6!

We have been receiving a bunch of letters from the Ingenious Inventor, if you are reading this, can you please stop being so cheeky! Thanks for all the Cog Credits, we have divided them evenly between the Class Companies… see the photos for proof!

We have finished our Waffle Woman song which is crazy! Some of us think we should make a music video and put it on YouTube, and we are going to get the final edit next week. It’s really catchy and easy to remember. Thanks for your help Alan!

World Book Day was last week, it was astonishing! Mr Drysdale was wearing a dress as Denise… the ‘Boy In The Dress’. We had Queen of Hearts, a Ninja, Darth Vader, Dennis the Menace, The Wolf, a Unicorn and lots of people in pyjamas in the class.

Maths/Numeracy – We have been looking at fractions, how they relate to other parts of the whole, equivalence in fractions and we also started looking at percentages and decimals.



P5/6 News

Welcome back after the holidays… we have been busy and here is what the class have to say!

Alan who is a spectacular composer came on Tuesday and we started writing our very own class song, it is going to be about ‘Waffle Woman’! The P6s also had the chance to go to a workshop where they made plastic bottle cars and put lots of teamwork to practice!

We have been doing our times table challenge, writing fact files about John Logie Baird and in maths we have been looking at timetables such as bus and daily timetables and we done some dancing in PE.

We have been trying to beat our score each day during Pinkie 15. Our high score this week is 106, let’s see if our class or any other classes can beat it! Mr Drysdale has joined in running daily and is trying to improve his score too!

Some of the girls in the class are excited for training for the football team next week!

P5/6 Demolition of the igloo!

It has been such a busy week for P5/6!

We took down the igloo by working in teams and putting them in bags. On Wednesday the visitors came in to speak about recycling plastics and how they get to China. They had to bring a huge van to take our plastic bottles. There was at least 800 bottles and we filled the van!

Today we are handing out the learning stories. Make sure to read them and bring them back after the holidays.

This week we have been doing the drama lost at sea it was about ducks and they fell  into the ocean and went all around the world.

Look at the pictures to see what we did.

By Ellis and Rebecca

P5/6 News

Last week we had a great opportunity to celebrate success at the Scottish Assembly when Iona and Zubayr got certificates for their performances of Scottish poetry, with Iona reciting First Catch Your Haggis to the whole school. In addition to that, Kelsey performed her very own poem she had written in class and got great reviews!

The class have been taking a lot of ownership for their learning recently. They have done so well discussing what our learning looks like, and what they would like to learn about that we decided it would be cool to allow pupils to use their timetabling skills to plan Monday’s teaching! We discovered that it is quite challenging to get a balance of learning across the week, but I think they have done a good job for this Monday!

Sadly, it is time to bring down the igloo and start thinking about how we can recycle the hundreds of bottles we collected. It has been a lot quicker to bring it down than build it! The class have come up with some creative and original ideas, so watch this space.

Mr Drysdale

P5/6 news in 2017!

Happy new year everybody!

We have invented a new topic …    INVENTORS… bye bye  Antarctica, hello inventors. We are creating an AMAZING wall display for inventors in the  classroom.

In maths we have been improving our fractions and are now also learning about time.

We are also learning Robert burns poems in literacy. We even made silly poem ourselves!

By Iona and Lewis

Cooperative learning


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