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P2A Update

This week we have been learning about which months of the year are in which seasons. We have also been learning about which month our birthdays are in and how we can work out what season our birthday is in too. Have a look at our amazing trees above which show:

  • The 4 seasons
  • The weather/environment in that season
  • The months of the year which belong to the season
  • The main events which happen in the seasons e.g. Christmas, summer holidays and Easter
  • When our birthdays are

We loved making these!


Our Fabulous Homework!

We have again had some amazing pieces of homework in this week. We have had some fantastic eat well plates which detail what healthy eating has been going on as well as some amazing superhero stories, comics and characters! Well done everyone, brilliant effort!

We have also been very lucky to have a visit from Keryn’s  Dad this week who is a nurse. Keryn’s Dad works with people who are blind or have problems with their vision. We had created questions for him in partners and we loved hearing all about his job. He also brought in different glasses so we could experience what it was like to have our vision impaired. Thank you so much for coming in!


Homework in P2A

We have had some amazing pieces of homework brought in this week. Some of the children have brought in some things they have been doing from the ‘I must’ or ‘I could’ sections of the homework. We hope you are liking this new way of approaching homework.

As the homework was so impressive and it was clear lots of learning had been going on, Mrs Davidson decided to make a fabulous homework display.

Have  a look at the photo below where you can see clocks, capital letter hunting and more! Well done everyone!!

P2A Update!

In the pictures you can see we have created ‘Hero Headquarters’. The superheroes have vanished from hero headquarters. We have created our own superheroes and we must hunt for real life superheroes to join us! You can also see a picture of part of our superhero role play area. We have a telephone book for the superheroes! We have been practising our bonds to 10. In the last picture you can see that we added different ways to make the number on the middle of the monster. We were amazing at showing our learning with this!

Dynamic Earth Trip Review from P2A

Yesterday we visited Dynamic Earth on our school trip. We had a great time learning all about the different climate zones as well as getting to take part in an arctic storytelling workshop. Here are some comments from the children:

I liked touching the ice!
It was fun!

I liked it when the ground shook and the lava came out!

I liked the volcano!

I liked it when the thunder came in the rainforest.

I liked the ice film and it felt like we were flying.

I liked going on the plane which took us to the rainforest.

I liked it when it looked like the animals were coming out to us and we had the 3D glasses.

I liked the part when we were on the plane and it pretended to crash.

I loved listening to the girl telling the story about Michael the polar bear.

It was the best fun ever!

I liked going on the coach!