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Lots happening in P1C!

Lots to report on in Primary 1C! These are some of the things the children wanted to tell you about this week:

We have lots of new play things out. Our rainbow jobs are: adding spots to our names in Funky Fingers, shared reading and roll, add and colour! We also have to hunt for addition sums in the sand and make the answer. We are enjoying painting our new sounds.

We have been learning more about electricity this week and how it works. We have been making electrical circuits using batteries, bulbs and switches. We know that we have to connect it with the wires to make it work. We made a big human circuit too!

Lots of people have been enjoying making wonderful stories in class and at home! We have been reading them at story time or at the end of the day! Keep up the hard work !!

We have come to the end of our football coaching with Scott and Brad. We had so much fun and we all got certificates too! (letters went home about the club if the children wish to continue going!)

Have a look at our gallery of pictures above!


Primary 1C news!

We have had a very busy time in Primary 1C this week! We have been having so much fun at football. This week was a bit wet so we were in the dance studio and we were working on lots of different skills including trying to control the ball and keep it close to  us. We were playing a really fun game where Mrs Davidson had to be a sleeping giant and if she woke up we had to put our foot on the ball and keep it still. At the end we gave her a big fright!!

We did some cooperative learning for the first time this week. This is where we have to work as a group and each  of the members of the group have a different role. We had to come up with a team name and a team flag. As you can see in the photos – we worked so hard in our teams and Mrs Davidson was so impressed!!


P1c update!

We are really enjoying learning all about Pirates. Lexi says, ‘pirates are the best ever but they can be scary and they have jolly rogers’. In the pictures, you can see the children creating their own Jolly Roger flags. Today we had a treasure hunt in the class. We made maps of our classroom and had to hide the treasure for a partner to find! We marked the treasure with an X. It was great fun.

We had our first football session this week which Zak said was ‘amazing fun’. We were playing games, scoring goals and dribbling the ball. We were so hot and sweaty after which shows that we worked very hard!

P1c and Mrs Davidson



Football coaching in P1

For the next four weeks, the Primary 1’s will be having football coaching. As this will be outside (weather permitting), the kit that the children have in the PE kits already will not be enough for them to wear to stay warm. If you could please provide your child with some joggers and a hoodie (or they can just keep their school jumper on) and some trainers if you do not wish them to wear their normal outside shoes as could be muddy.

These are the days for the next 4 weeks the classes have football:

P1A and B : Mondays

P1C: Tuesdays – starting tomorrow (7.11.17)

Many thanks,

Mrs Davidson, Mrs Denham and Mr Marshall