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P2A Update!

This week we have been with lots of interesting learning opportunities!

In literacy we have been reading our new book, learning new sounds and forming our letters correctly! We still find b and d quite tricky!

In IDL this week we have been learning about what it means to be kind and caring. We linked this to the Buddhist story of the Monkey King. The video story can be found below:

Lastly, in maths we have been finishing our data handling topic. Today we worked in groups of 3 to create a survey to ask the class. On Monday, we will use these to create graphs. Have a look at some of our surveys:

Our first week in Primary 2!

Hello everyone!

We have had a fantastic first week here in all 3 classes in Primary 2! So far we have been showing some wonderful walking in the corridors, learning what it looks like, sounds like and feels like to be ‘Proud to be Pinkie’ and discussing what makes us unique.

We are very proud of our classes this week.

Just a wee reminder that if your child doesn’t have a PE bag or indoor shoes, please can these be provided, thank you!

Mrs Davidson, Miss Heatherill and Mrs Cusack


Have a look at our play in P2A!

We have lots of great play experiences in the classroom this week all designed/asked for by the children. We have:

  • Forces – making ramps for the cars to see what height makes them travel faster.
  • Literacy – creating books to read to the class at story time.
  • Reading – reading short novels in the quiet area.
  • Money – playing active games on the board, creating a shop in the role play area with priced food items to buy.
  • The body – books all about different areas of the body and machines to measure our heart rate.
  • Problem solving/creating – using the gears in different ways to make them turn.
  • Numeracy – using the Numicon to add and subtract, playing dominoes…….and much more!

Designing own play in P2A!

Isabella says: I wanted to make a beach area in the classroom with sand, shells, pine cones. I put out 20 glasses for the children to make and I have designed my own umbrella and beach pictures for everyone. I loved making it and I can’t wait until everyone see’s it!

The children in P2A have input on what they would like in all areas of the classroom on a weekly basis.