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Name That Character!

Last Friday, as part of East Lothian’s Literacy Week, pupils left home dressed not in their school uniforms, but dressed as their favourite book characters or super heros! Not to be outdone, teaching staff appeared dressed as…..well how many characters can you spot?

Pinkie St Peter's Primary School teachers dressed as characters from books.
Teachers at Pinkie St Peter’s bringing books alive.

Euroquiz Finals

euroquiz header
A team of four P6 pupils from our school recently took part in the final of the East Lothian heat of the 2013 Euroquiz against ten other teams. Our team managed to get fourth place. Which is a fantastic achievement! Congratulations must be given to the winners of the East Lothian heat, Law, who go forward to represent East Lothian in the national final at the Scottish Parliament in May.

The quiz is run by the Scottish European Educational Trust who state that the subjects covered in the quiz include history, geography, sport, culture, languages and the European Union. This broad selection of subjects does allow some rather challenging questions, so why not try to answer a few sample questions from a selection of quiz rounds and see how you do! No peeking at reference books or seeking answers online! If you do get stuck try asking one of the P6 team!

  1. Which is the highest mountain in Europe?
  2. What is the name of this world famous painting by Botticelli?
  3. How many European Commissioners are there?
  4. Which EU country is home to the company IKEA?
  5. Name the sea which lies between Greece and Turkey.
  6. Which country in the EU uses the currency called leu?
  7. Which great scientist published his theory of evolution in 1859?
  8. When did the French Revolution begin? a. 1876 b. 1789 c.1945
  9. Which famous Scot discovered penicillin?
  10. The golden postbox in Dunblane is dedicated to which Scottish sportsman?

Check back here soon for the answers.

More information can be found on the Scottish European Educational Trust website.

Current School Topics

Topics being covered this term are;

P1 and P1/2 Scotland [mini]
Toys [ focussing on forces and materials]
P2 and 2/3 Scotland [mini]
Musselburgh – local area
P3 P4 and P4/5 Scots language[ mini]
P6/7 Splash [ Water in Uganda]
P7 Brazil
Relaxation / meditation P5 and P5/6 are involved in a meditation research project in conjunction with Queen Margaret University.