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News from P1C

We have been very busy this week, this is what we have been up to:

Leon – we have been learning about the emergent layer of the rainforest, we made animals!

Zak – we have learnt the sound ‘th’

Maia – we have been learning what to do on the computers.

Joshua – we have been learning how to do take away sums.

Sophia – we were learning about what is inside your body.

Caladh – We have been learning with our numbers to 50.

Mishka – We have doctors stuff in our role play and I like it!

This week In P3a

This week we have been finding out about King William, the Duke of Normandy building one of the first castles.

We also created an animal shape poem. We had to trace round the outline of an animal and then write inside it. We tried to include similes, onomatopoeia, adjectives, connectives and alliteration – so we really had to think, but are getting good at creating our own ideas.

We have been looking at literal questions and inferential questions too using a text. We know that the answer to a literal question is found in the text, but you have to use clues in the text to work out the answer to an inferential question.

Have a good weekend!

P3a and Miss Christie

P.1B Newsround

Last week P.1B settled into the new year and warmly welcomed some new faces! We met Mr Neve who will be helping us in the classroom, and we had lots of fun in our first session with Connor and Stuart, who had us leaping around pretending to be animals for our new Rainforest topic.

Aside from learning about the rainforest, we will be doing some report writing in Literacy and learning about subtraction and time in Maths and Numeracy, with a big focus on letter and number formation. We are also looking at our community and the people within it that help us, and learning to use the Netbooks to help with our learning.

Here are some highlights:

I’ve enjoyed learning about how to do computers- Lily

We did the ‘sh’ sound- Lucie

We started our Rainforest topic- Millie

My favourite was the computers like Lily- Michaela

We met Connor and Stuart and me and Caleb showed them what we had in our classroom, and we did animal games with them- Kian/ Harry

I liked playing in the sand- Erin


P3b Learning

This week in P3b we have started to think about our new topic castles.  We wrote some questions about castles and we will be exploring about castles.  (Tayler)

We have just started to work on volume today. We were measuring in ml and l.  We had different amounts that we had to make. (Robert)

Lately we finished our maths topic on weight by making a pretend cake using flour and sugar.  We had to weigh out different kinds of cake ingredients. (Brooke)

We learned about shape poems and wrote our own one about a star. We had to make sure we had similes, adjectives, connectives and alliteration in our poem. (Callie and Jack)