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P7A Update

7A were focusing on Article 31 this week… the right to relax and play. Everyone created or adapted a game and a few have shown us how to play them so far . Today we tried games using hoops and it got competitive very quickly!








We were also helping our Buddies log and type posts on the chromebooks. Great teamwork and patience was seen today from the P7s and the P1s!


This week in P4A we have been….

‘ We have been writing our diary entries of the ‘triple tragedy’ for our interdisciplinary learning’ Brooke

‘ I have been learning how to make 3D shapes from nets. I made a cuboid which made a cereal box’ Finlay

‘ We were talking about our next topic and we think we will explore under the sea because the environment is filled with plastic bottles’ Rocky

Have a lovely weekend.
Please remember school visit slips to be returned for our adventure to Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace.

P6B volleyball

This week P6B have been learning about how to play sitting volleyball. Sitting volleyball is where 2 teams of 6 or 5 sit on the ground and play a game of volleyball the rules are that everyone has to be sitting and the ball has to be hit into the air for a shot or you can gently pass it to your team mates. Next week we are going to learn how to pass and shoot in volleyball. The easy parts are when you can just hit the ball over the net straight away and the hard bit was when we would have to pass the ball to our team mates.