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P2A update!

This week we have started a new way of working in the morning. We come in and first thing we do our ‘speedy tasks’. These are challenges first thing in the morning which allow us to engage in the learning environment and activities straight away. On a Monday we practise our superhero words, a Tuesday we do number challenges and on Wednesday we do literacy based challenges. We have been showing our learning in so many different and interesting ways as you can see from the photos.

We have also been using the junk modelling zone to make things related to our topic. In the photo you can see Mia who made a shield!

Lastly, we have been doing a lot of cooperative learning in our ‘castle teams’. This week we had to design out own coat of arms. Each person in the team had a section of the coat of arms to design. We all had different roles in our team too. You can see some of us busy in the photos making these.

Fruit smoothies, fruit kebabs and other learning!

In class this week we have been making some amazing fruit smoothies and kebabs. We have been learning all about healthy eating and the pupils designed their own smoothie. We got to chop the fruit, add it to our skewer and also decide what was going in our smoothie. We even got the change to whizz it up in the blender. Some of us tried new fruits that we had never tried before. You can see some of us in the pictures.

We have also been exploring our new topic ‘Castles’. In one of the pictures you can see some pupils who built a castle tower. This then lead on to other learning such as; how tall is it? Is it taller than me? Is it taller than Mrs Davidson?


Experiments in P2!

We have been learning about germs and how they spread. In class today, we did an experiment where we rubbed our unwashed hands on one of the pieces of bread and then we washed our hands with soap and we touched the second piece of bread with our washed hands. We put both into sealed bags and we will leave them for a week.

We made some predictions about what we think will happen. We think the bread touched with unwashed hands will go really mouldy and green. We think the bread touched with washed hands will still go a bit mouldy as it will be old but not quite as green.

Have a look at our photos which details the experiment plus a photo of one groups bags!

We will post back next week with the results!