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What does play look like in P2A?

Play is continuously developing in our classroom. Play is a fundamental part of for primary aged children and particularly in the early years. Amongst many other things, it allows the children to extend and apply their learning, be creative, develop social skills and allows them to explore their imagination.  The children are very keen to show their adults at home around the classroom and for you to see what play is like in our P2 classroom. Below you will see some photos of the different areas of our classroom.

We hope to invite you in after the Easter holidays one morning to see it for yourselves.

Visit to Craigmillar Castle

Mia – It was funny because there was a little toilet and it wasn’t really like a normal toilet, it was a hole and people do the toilet through it.

Caleb – I like the whole castle!

Aaron W – I liked to see the portcullis.

Ben – The dungeon was so small and there is no door,

Jack – The bakers room had a big oven.

Elisabeth – The castle had arrow slits.

Lily – I liked their costumes.

Michaela – They would eat animals!

Freddie – I liked when we got to handle the objects.

Ellia – I liked when we went in the castle and it was big and I liked going up the stairs because it was high.

Steinar – The battlements were to shoot the canons.

Kian – I liked when we had to copy what the guards said.

Ewan – I liked when the guard stuck out his hand.

Isabella – I liked it when they asked us questions and they called me ma’am.

Sonnie – I liked when we got to see the curtain wall and inside that was the bailey and we got to see the dungeon.

Caleb -I liked when we had to tell them something we had learnt to get out the

What dissolves?

Today we had a look at materials dissolve in water. We know that when a material dissolves, it is like it disappears and it then becomes a solution.

We experimented with:

  • *sugar
  • *salt
  • *sand
  • *oil
  • *coffee
  • *flour
  • *chalk

Which ones dissolved?

  • Chalk, Coffee, salt

Which did not?

  • Sand, Flour, Oil and Sugar

Have a look at our picture: