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Experiments in P2!

We have been learning about germs and how they spread. In class today, we did an experiment where we rubbed our unwashed hands on one of the pieces of bread and then we washed our hands with soap and we touched the second piece of bread with our washed hands. We put both into sealed bags and we will leave them for a week.

We made some predictions about what we think will happen. We think the bread touched with unwashed hands will go really mouldy and green. We think the bread touched with washed hands will still go a bit mouldy as it will be old but not quite as green.

Have a look at our photos which details the experiment plus a photo of one groups bags!

We will post back next week with the results!

P2A and B Information!

Hi everyone,

We have a couple of bits of information for you;

  1. There will be no homework next week as it is the last week of term and it gives us time to sort book bags etc.
  2. We now have gym on a Wednesday and Friday not a Tuesday.
  3. A letter has gone home in book bags about our trip to Dynamic Earth at the end of October. If you cannot find this letter please come and see us and we can give you another one.
  4. Please bring in book bags everyday and especially on a Friday.
  5. The new online lunch ordering system is live, so if you can order the lunches at home that would be a big help!

Thank you!
Mrs Davidson, Miss Wood and Miss Watson.

Expressive Arts After School Activities

I wish to inform you of an exciting, new, after-school Arts Programme which has started in Pinkie St Peter’s Primary School in partnership with East Lothian Council Arts Service. All pupils are encouraged to attend a weekly programme of arts activities run by specialist tutors, enabling skills development in the following areas, music, dance and drama.

Studies have shown that regular participation in organised arts activity is linked to raise educational attainment and improved health and wellbeing in children. Every pupil at the school has been allocated a place on the programme. Pupils are allocated one day and one activity by the school for the 2018 autumn term. Each new term, pupils will change activity so that they are able to experience all three art forms over the course of the academic year.

All activities are offered free of charge.

We currently still have spaces available in the sessions listed below. If you have not already signed up to one of the activities and would like to attend please collect a form from Nurture Room 2.

Tuesday    3.20-3.55pm    Dance    P3 and P4

”            3.20-3.55pm    Drama   P3 and P4

”             3.20-3.55pm    Music    P3 and P4

”            4.00-5.15pm    Dance    P5, P6 and P7

”            4.00-5.15pm    Drama    P5, P6 and P7


Wednesday 2.45-3.15pm    Drama    P1 and P2

”         3.20-3.55pm    Dance    P3 and P4

”         4.00-5.15pm    Dance    P5, P6 and P7

”         4.00-5.15pm    Drama    P5, P6 and P7

”         4.00-5.15pm    Music     P5, P6 and P7

Thursday    3.20-3.55pm    Dance    P3 and P4

”         3.20-3.55pm    Music    P3 and P4

”         4.00-5.15pm    Drama    P5, P6 and P7

”         4.00-5.15pm    Music     P5, P6 and P7