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Last week’s learning in P.1A

P.1A had a short but busy first week of 2020! Thankfully everyone seemed pleased to be back, and demonstrated that nothing has been forgotten over the holidays. Everybody showed super effort and achievement in their Literacy and Numeracy activities.

We also looked at and evaluated our PLP targets from October, so you will find updated Google Classrooms that are ready for our Term 3 targets.

On Friday we spent some time with our buddies making snowflakes, and our buddies showed us how to use rulers and protractors to measure angles. Here are some snaps of our hard work!

Here are our highlights:

I liked playing sharks with the parachute- Parker
Making snowflakes at the craft table with Rhomey- Olivia
Everything!- Leah
Playing at the water and at the board with Olivia. I also liked reading books at the library and drawing at the table- April
Everything!- Rhomey

P6A and P1A Maths Games

P6a have been busy practising their skills in writing instructions.  To make sure that they can write a clear set of instructions, they created games for their buddies to play that would help them with their maths skills (adding, sunbtraction and patterns).  We made our games up and took them down to P1a to play them with our buddies – they were a hit!  Well done P6a!

Last week’s learning in P.1A

Last week got off to a super start with our trip to Musselburgh Library. We enjoyed walking in the glorious sunshine (including an exciting flyover by a flock of geese!) and listening to our Book Bug bag stories read by Trisha at the library. We chose ‘The Unicorn Expert’ as our favourite.

Here are our snaps:

We were very excited to receive our Book Bug bags on Tuesday, with lots of other fantastic activities in the bag to enjoy. We also welcomed some of the parents and carers to the class on Wednesday to observe and help with our Digital Literacy lesson, and enjoyed decorating invites to our Nativity with our Buddies on Friday. We have been practising our songs every day and will be receiving our ‘parts’ very soon!

Here are our highlights:

I have enjoyed making cakes in the sand- Jay
Reading the Unicorn Expert- Eva
Doing the walk and I liked reading- April
I liked doing the shapes on the screen- Ben
Playing with the sand and making sandcastle- Ethan

Last week’s learning in P.1A

P.1A had another busy week last week in class, and of course there was lots of excitement about the Hallowe’en disco! We enjoyed another fantastic singing session with Moira and had great fun learning a little about karate with Chris, as well as all of our regular learning activities.

Here is a taste of our karate session:

We also thought about our achievements in Literacy and Maths, and chose a target to aim for before the end of term (these will all be uploaded to our Google Classrooms by the end of the week).

Here are our other highlights:

I enjoyed making a Power Ranger with the Sticklebricks- Ethan
Playing with the blocks and making shops- Eva
Making pizza with the playdough- Archie
I enjoyed making kites at the craft table- Eulalie
I have enjoyed everything- Rebecca