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P.1A Newsround

P.1A had another busy week last week, continuing with our Space topic and watching Neil Armstrong land on the moon! We also learned about features of space-ships and designed our own, ready to be built next week (we will need lots of recycling to do this- plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, toilet rolls etc. so please send in as much as you can). One design stood out from the rest, including such thoughtful additions as garlic bread for the aliens- and even the kitchen sink! You’ll find it below:

We also learned about the story of Jesus feeding the five-thousand,  began learning about half-past times, spent some QT with our Buddies, and lots more. Here are some highlights:

  • I liked having walk a mile with my buddy, and we found Thor’s hammer (from Avengers)!
  • Playing in the sand- with the astronauts and rocket ship.
  • Playing in the sand- playing with the rocket ship.
  • Playing with the little world toys in the Funky Fingers.
  • Seeing my buddy and seeing Mrs Garvie and giving her cuddles- and Mrs Archibald.

P.1A Newsround

Last week in P.1A we started the week with showing off our dazzling smiles for the camera! We cannot wait to see our class photo when it is published.

We learned about the story of the Good Samaritan who showed the values of Nurturing, Respectful and Responsible when stopping to help an injured man. He reminded us that whoever we are and whatever we believe, we are all still human beings. We also learned about a day in the life of an astronaut in space, and thought about the similarities and differences between our daily lives and theirs (see picture below).

Spaceman similarities and differences

We also learned about o’clock times, continued to practise our report writing, walked a new Pinkie 15 route with our P.6 Buddies, got all dressed up for World Book Day, discovered some great new books at the Book Fair, and shared some more of our successes and achievements with the class- phew! Another busy week.

Some of our highlights are:

I enjoyed looking at the books at the book fair
I liked making sand castles
I have enjoyed dressing up- I dressed up as Matilda!
Playing games in the library
Playing Minecraft with my friends

P.1A Newsround

P.1A had a busy few days back after the holiday, firstly discovering that Space Ted had landed in our classroom with no explanation for where he had come from or why he is here! We’ve come up with some questions about space to ask him and will hopefully uncover the answers over the next few weeks.

Space Ted has landed!

We also found that our room had been rearranged, with new ‘zones’ for different aspects of learning: Literacy, Numeracy and Maths, Fine Motor (Funky Fingers) and Interdisciplinary. This is intended to give us more of a choice about how to experience learning through play, and will begin to prepare us for what to expect in Primary 2. You will find some pictures below:

For the next few weeks children will be invited to bring in an item (certificate, trophy, photo etc.) and/ or be prepared to talk about a skill or talent that they are proud of. We want to celebrate these achievements as part of our whole-school Rights of the Child focus: Article 29: “You have the right to be the best you can be!” We will try to hear from children whenever an opportunity arises, so if items could remain in book-bags until they have presented it would be fantastic. Thank you for your support.

P.1 Homework- due Friday 18th January

Happy New Year! We hope that you have had a lovely Christmas holiday and New Year. Thank you for all the generous and kind gifts and cards given.


We have begun learning addition and recognising the addition and equals sign. Please see enclosed addition activity worksheet and complete. Help your child to understand that addition means the answer will increase, as the number will get bigger. Continue to practice counting forwards and backwards, and asking your child what number is one more, one less, bigger and smaller.

IDL – Rights of the Child

We have started looking at the ‘Rights of the Child,’ this term. This looks at the UN policy on the Rights of Children around the world. We have discussed that every child around the world has the right to: clean water, shelter, food, air and play. Can you use the image in your child’s book bag and discuss what differences they see between their life and that of the children in the picture.

Thank you!

P.1A Newsround

P.1A had a busy first week back from the holidays, but all clearly enjoyed catching up with their school-friends! We started learning about addition and 2D shapes in Maths, and started thinking about the topic of ‘rights’ and what they mean for children around the world. We also did some work on celebrating our differences, using the fantastic Dr Seuss story ‘The Sneetches’ as a stimulus.

We had great fun with Ms Ireland (our music teacher) playing the song ‘Donald Where’s Your Troosers’ with the Boomwhackers, and got to do a bit of typing practice with our buddies for ICT.

Here are some of our highlights:

I have enjoyed playing with my friends in the library.
I enjoyed playing on the computer with my Buddy upstairs.
I liked swinging on the ropes in P.E.
I have been playing Minecraft in the Library with my friends.
Swinging on the bars and climbing up them in P.E.
I most enjoyed typing on my buddy’s computer.