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P1 Library Visit – Date for your Diary

Primary 1 are invited to visit Musselburgh Library this November.

P1A – Monday 18th November @ 9.00
P1B – Monday 18th November @ 9.45
P1C – Tuesday 19th November @ 9.00

It would be absolutely amazing if we could have as many parents/carers as possible joining us on our visit to support walking to and from the library as well as encouraging our P1s to read for enjoyment.

Please let your child’s class teacher know if you can help 🙂

Last week’s learning in P.1A

Last week P.1A were very excited to see the progress of our beanstalks, with Eulalie’s looking most likely to get us to the giant’s castle! We also had lots of fun playing games with the parachute and hunting for different shapes all around the school (we found that rectangles and circles are the most common shape).

On Friday we also tried our hand at drawing a portrait of our buddies, and we got many wild and wonderful results- check out our photos below:

Here are our highlights:

  • Playing in the doll’s house with Ryan and Harley- Archie
  • I have enjoyed making flags at the craft table- Kailyn
  • Playing with the puppets in the castle- Eulalie
  • I likes playing with the parachute- Parker
  • I liked making Nobby at the craft table, and I enjoyed learning my sounds because that is important and doing maths- April

Last week’s learning in P.1A

Last week P.1A were busy getting their green fingers dirty by planting their own beans to grow their own beanstalk! We will be watching our planters carefully to see the different stages of growth.  We also created our own fairytale characters, ready to plunge them into our very own stories. We had princesses, mermaids, witches, dragons, monsters and many more.

We learned the sounds l, h, sh, and r, continued to practise our number operations, and had lots of fun with Conor trying to find out what instruments the naughty cupboard elves had been hiding!

Here are our personal highlights, and you’ll find some pictures at the bottom.

I have enjoyed colouring in- Coral
I have enjoyed planting my bean and playing with Iron Man and Hugbusters- Ryan
I have enjoyed playing with the sand- Jay
Planting our beans and looking at the wildlife poster- Ben
Playing Iron Man with Hugbusters- Archie

Last week’s learning in P.1A

Despite it being a short week, P.1A were busy helping Sir Firebreath in his endeavour to get the Fairytale characters to return home. He even left a voicemail thanking us for our help so far and challenging us to create our own Fairytale story! We had a think about what a story needs and began by creating a setting in which our tale will take place- and we even managed to use some of the sounds we have learned. You will find some fantastic examples below:

We also learned the sounds ‘b’, ‘f’ and ‘e’, and enjoyed some time with our buddies creating colourful bar charts.

This week the children will be bringing home their ‘Book Bags’ for the first time. They will be used for any homework set, and also for transporting correspondence and work to and from home. We are really keen to encourage the children to take responsibility for their bags, and remember to bring them every day  (apart from Monday). If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to ask!

Last week’s learning in P.1A

We had another busy week last week, which started with a voicemail from Sir Firebreath! He challenged us to tell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in the right order- which we all managed to do successfully. We also made some craft baby-bears and made our own porridge! We all agreed that we made it ‘just right’.

We also had lots of fun with Mrs Murray at gym, coordinating our bodies in lots of different ways, and enjoyed some ‘Dough Disco’ time as well. We also welcomed Peter Bear into our classroom for being the best dressed class! Our other highlights were:

  • Everything!- Caitlyn
  • I liked playing with the hammer and nails- Parker
  • I loved playing with Rhomey and drawing at the Writing Table- Bonnie
  • I loved playing with the Lego- Ethan
  • Chasing birds outside at break time, and the hammer- Ben