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P.1A Newsround

Last week P.1A were buys putting the final touches to our Henri Rousseau- inspired jungle artwork- and the results were fantastic! We’ll be getting them up in our own little class art-gallery next week.

We had lots of fun with our Buddies, and enjoyed playing with the loose-parts playground equipment. We also chose our own topic to investigate until the end of term- and although it was a close vote we chose to look at TOYS! We spent time thinking about what we know and what we would like to find out and will start looking at it in greater depth next week.

Here are some of our highlights:

  • When me and my friend were outside with our buddies playing the baby game
  • Everything!
  • I did a v so well!
  • Listening about the oceans at the P.4 assembly

P.1A Newsround

This week P.1 learned about ordinal numbers and how we use them every day when we are doing our daily timetable. We also learned about volume and capacity in maths, and were surprised by how very different looking containers can hold the same amount of water.

We started making our rainforest artwork inspired by  Henri Rousseau  by doing a colourful paint ‘wash’ for our background and creating our animals for the foreground. We also had some extra fun with our Buddies when Mr Marshall was meeting his new P.1 class, and enjoyed the P.2 assembly in which they told us all about their learning. Our own assembly will be soon so we will need to start practising!

Our highlights were:

  • Playing with the water and in the role-play kitchen and the library!
  • Going to After School club
  • Making things at the art table like paper chains
  • Playing with the water tray
  • Going in the role-play kitchen
Making our colourful background

P.1A Newsround

Last week P.1 were busy continuing to learn to skip-count, this time in 10s, and got involved planting some bean seeds to learn about the process of germination. We also started creating a poster with our buddies encouraging recycling to help save the rainforests. We also won the prize for best dressed class! Well done us.

We had lots of fun outside with Mr Stone learning about measurement and how to make a set of weighing scales out of a coat hanger, string and plastic cups:

We also said a fond farewell to the P.E. students who had us busy practising our basic moves and running races.

Here are our highlights:

  • I liked planting the seeds.
  • Winning Peter Bear at assembly!
  • Playing with the books and reading.
  • I enjoyed crying and holding Manny!
  • Playing at the home corner.

P.1A Newsround

P.1A  had a short but busy week last week, practising counting in 5s, working on the maths concepts of short and tall, and learning about some of the goods we get from the rainforests of the world. We said a fun farewell to the ‘Music Man’ Dave Trouton who had us rhyming and singing about his shopping (!), and we also enjoyed working on our P.E. skills with Ms Paterson and Ms Jackson.

We also welcome back our class camera that has been on its own wee trip around the school- so expect some pictures next week. And speaking of trips- watch this space for details of our class outing which we are hoping to organise for the end of the month!

Here are some highlights of the week:

I’ve enjoyed playing with the Octons
I’ve enjoyed playing in the water tray
Seeing my friend up at the assembly getting her certificate
Doing the skip counting
Playing with the laptop

P.1A Newsround

P.1A had a short but very busy week last week with lots of special guests paying us a visit! Not only did we have Mr Trouton (AKA simply- Dave) play some fun music games with us, but we also had Mr Stone helping us better understand measurement for Mathematics outside in the playground.

We also started thinking about our new topic- The Rainforest- and brainstormed what we know and what we would like to find out. In Numeracy we started learning to ‘skip-count’ in 2s, and at the end of the week we enjoyed some time with our buddies of course!

Here are some of the highlights:

  • I liked meeting my new Read write Inc teacher and group
  • Measuring the blocks- weight and length of the blocks
  • Playing with the water
  • I enjoyed the music with Dave!
  • Read Write Inc with Mr Marshall

Our class camera seems to have taken a little holiday of its own, but hopefully there will be some photos for you next week.