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In Primary 1 this week we have started learning about measurement in Maths. We were measuring our hands and feet, to see how many cubes and clothes pegs long they are. We have also started our new topic ‘The Rainforest’ and began looking at the different layers of it and what kind of animals would be found in each. Primary 1B this week also won Peter the Bear. They have shown all of the school values this week.

Learning through craft and play.

We have been learning o’clock and half past this week and identifying the time on a digital and analogue clock.

After learning about Diwali in term 2, Primary 1 are learning about some Biblical and Moral stories. They have designed their own 5 loaves and two fish plate.

We have also been learning all about Astronauts and have began designing our own rocket ships that we will make next week out of recycled materials.

We are learning about Space and how to do subtraction.

P1 have been learning how to do subtraction. We were using play dough to practice this, setting it out in the same pattern as our ten frames and squashing down the amount we had to subtract.

Play dough smash subtraction

We have began learning all about Space and this week we were ordering the planets and making our own.

During play some of the children have been practising their addition and number formation.

Aran has been practising his addition and number formation.

Shapes, fruit kebabs and Valentines cards

Primary 1b have been very busy this week. We have come to the end of our maths topic on shape and worked together, using 2D and 3D shapes to design and build a new piece of equipment for a playground.

We have been talking about healthy eating and what a delicious healthy snack would look like, so this week we made some fruit kebabs and as Valentines day is next week the boys and girls have been making cards for you.

Congratulations to Windsor our yellow house who gained the most house points.  If your child is  in this house, they can come to school tomorrow wearing something yellow.

Have a lovely half term Holiday 🙂