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P.1B Newsround

Last week P.1B settled into the new year and warmly welcomed some new faces! We met Mr Neve who will be helping us in the classroom, and we had lots of fun in our first session with Connor and Stuart, who had us leaping around pretending to be animals for our new Rainforest topic.

Aside from learning about the rainforest, we will be doing some report writing in Literacy and learning about subtraction and time in Maths and Numeracy, with a big focus on letter and number formation. We are also looking at our community and the people within it that help us, and learning to use the Netbooks to help with our learning.

Here are some highlights:

I’ve enjoyed learning about how to do computers- Lily

We did the ‘sh’ sound- Lucie

We started our Rainforest topic- Millie

My favourite was the computers like Lily- Michaela

We met Connor and Stuart and me and Caleb showed them what we had in our classroom, and we did animal games with them- Kian/ Harry

I liked playing in the sand- Erin


Christmas Jumper Day Friday 15th December

On Friday 15 December we’re inviting all pupils to take part in Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day.

The whole school and nursery will be taking part, with everyone getting the chance to show the world their silly side by wearing their favourite festive knits for the day.

We’re asking pupils to make a £1 donation, or whatever they can give, to help save children’s lives around the world.

The money they raise will help Save the Children give the world’s forgotten children a brighter future. It could help bring essentials like healthcare, education, protection and food to the millions of children around the world who are missing out on the most basic support.

And you won’t need to splash out on snazzy new sweaters to join in the fun – simply decorate an old woolly to create your own crafty masterpiece, or wear something festive.

We’d really appreciate your help to make Christmas Jumper Day a huge success.

With your support we’re looking forward to a woolly great day!


The children in Primary 1 have had the most exciting afternoon. When we arrived back from lunch, this cheeky little elf had been causing mischief in our classrooms. His name is Buddy.  Santa has left him with us in the hope that he learns how to be responsible and kind. He hasn’t had the best start – muddling up the playdough is something we don’t do in school but we’re hoping that with the great examples we can set that he will soon learn how to be the model elf that Santa needs him to be.

Keep checking for Buddy updates…we’re hoping tomorrow is the start of a new, responsible Buddy.