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Sunny days and sun lotion!

A little reminder…

Next week is supposed to be very warm! We kindly ask that you send your child to school with some sun lotion on. If you wish to put some in their bags too that is fine but they will have to apply it themselves during the day.

We look forward to some fun in the sun!

Many thanks,

The infant team

P1C Update!

We haven’t posted on here for a while as we have been so busy! But we would like to tell you what we have been up to recently!

Joshua – We have been making shape models!

Leon – I have been learning how to read! I am good at it!

Sophia – I have been learning to do my letters neatly!

Maia – We have been learning to lots of detail in our work.

Tre – I have been writing amazing sentences and listening.

Caladh – We have been reading harder books.

Mishka – I have learned how to colour in neatly.

Amelia – I have been learning my new superhero word into!

Lexi – When you are being nice to people using the school values.

Fynn – We have been learning about fair and unfair.

Mark – I have been writing.

Maggie – We have been learning nurturing, achieving and being responsible.

Emma – We have been learning our sounds like ‘ou’.

Mirren – We have been learning some French. We were learning how to say the weather.

Ciara – We have been doing the learning pits.

Lilyrose – We have been doing adding in maths.