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P1C Update!

This week we have been learning more about the human body. We made skeletons with Mr Hogben using K’nex! We knew what each part represented. We had loads of fun doing this and you can see our photos!
Emma had been to the Rainforest Biome at the Eden Project in the February holidays and brought in some photos to show us! She said she loved the cloud machine and she got wet! You can see her telling the class all about it in the photos! Maggie also brought in some photos of the rainforest she has been making at home! She was showing the class and everyone said they wanted to visit!!

We also had a visit from the SSPCA this week and they told us all about how to keep wild animals safe!


P1C update!

This week we have been learning about Deforestation! We were learning about what would happen if we cut down all the trees. We wanted to tell everyone in the school to help save the rainforest so we decided to make some posters which you can see in the photos. At the craft table this week we had plasticine out and we were making rainforests and rainforest animals which you can see in the pictures. You can also see pictures of us with our talking partners discussing why we need to save the rainforests!

We have also been practising our letters and numbers which you can see in the photos too!

Have a lovely holiday!

Science in P1C

In Science with Mr Hogben this week, we have been learning all about the organs inside the human body! We were learning all about our lungs and how they help us to breathe. We did an experiment to see how much air was in our lungs. We had to blow into a plastic tube into a bottle filled with water. The air going into the bottle pushed the water out. We kept blowing until we had no puff left and we were able to see how much air is stored in our lungs!

PC Smith Visit!

Yesterday we were very lucky to have PC Smith visit us at school. As we are learning about emergency services, we asked if PC Smith would come in to talk to us about what it is like being a Police Officer. We asked him some questions, got to look at some of the equipment he uses as a Police Officer and the most exciting bit is we got to go inside the back of the Police van and listen to the sirens. We thought it was really good and the sirens were very loud!!

Learning in P1c

This week we have been having fun in PE. We have started gymnastics and this week we have been focusing on balancing. Have a look at some of our pictures below.

We have also been learning about the body and today we were learning about hygiene. We were learning about how germs travel easily. We put a tiny amount of glitter on one hand and when we put our hands together the glitter (or the germs!) spread to the other hand! We couldn’t believe how easily they could spread! We had to give our hands a really good wash to get the germs off. We were learning about the importance of hand washing!