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Christmas Jumper Day Friday 15th December

On Friday 15 December we’re inviting all pupils to take part in Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day.

The whole school and nursery will be taking part, with everyone getting the chance to show the world their silly side by wearing their favourite festive knits for the day.

We’re asking pupils to make a £1 donation, or whatever they can give, to help save children’s lives around the world.

The money they raise will help Save the Children give the world’s forgotten children a brighter future. It could help bring essentials like healthcare, education, protection and food to the millions of children around the world who are missing out on the most basic support.

And you won’t need to splash out on snazzy new sweaters to join in the fun – simply decorate an old woolly to create your own crafty masterpiece, or wear something festive.

We’d really appreciate your help to make Christmas Jumper Day a huge success.

With your support we’re looking forward to a woolly great day!


The children in Primary 1 have had the most exciting afternoon. When we arrived back from lunch, this cheeky little elf had been causing mischief in our classrooms. His name is Buddy.  Santa has left him with us in the hope that he learns how to be responsible and kind. He hasn’t had the best start – muddling up the playdough is something we don’t do in school but we’re hoping that with the great examples we can set that he will soon learn how to be the model elf that Santa needs him to be.

Keep checking for Buddy updates…we’re hoping tomorrow is the start of a new, responsible Buddy.


Lots happening in P1C!

Lots to report on in Primary 1C! These are some of the things the children wanted to tell you about this week:

We have lots of new play things out. Our rainbow jobs are: adding spots to our names in Funky Fingers, shared reading and roll, add and colour! We also have to hunt for addition sums in the sand and make the answer. We are enjoying painting our new sounds.

We have been learning more about electricity this week and how it works. We have been making electrical circuits using batteries, bulbs and switches. We know that we have to connect it with the wires to make it work. We made a big human circuit too!

Lots of people have been enjoying making wonderful stories in class and at home! We have been reading them at story time or at the end of the day! Keep up the hard work !!

We have come to the end of our football coaching with Scott and Brad. We had so much fun and we all got certificates too! (letters went home about the club if the children wish to continue going!)

Have a look at our gallery of pictures above!


P1c update!

We are really enjoying learning all about Pirates. Lexi says, ‘pirates are the best ever but they can be scary and they have jolly rogers’. In the pictures, you can see the children creating their own Jolly Roger flags. Today we had a treasure hunt in the class. We made maps of our classroom and had to hide the treasure for a partner to find! We marked the treasure with an X. It was great fun.

We had our first football session this week which Zak said was ‘amazing fun’. We were playing games, scoring goals and dribbling the ball. We were so hot and sweaty after which shows that we worked very hard!

P1c and Mrs Davidson