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P.1 Homework- due Friday 18th January

Happy New Year! We hope that you have had a lovely Christmas holiday and New Year. Thank you for all the generous and kind gifts and cards given.


We have begun learning addition and recognising the addition and equals sign. Please see enclosed addition activity worksheet and complete. Help your child to understand that addition means the answer will increase, as the number will get bigger. Continue to practice counting forwards and backwards, and asking your child what number is one more, one less, bigger and smaller.

IDL – Rights of the Child

We have started looking at the ‘Rights of the Child,’ this term. This looks at the UN policy on the Rights of Children around the world. We have discussed that every child around the world has the right to: clean water, shelter, food, air and play. Can you use the image in your child’s book bag and discuss what differences they see between their life and that of the children in the picture.

Thank you!

P1c Visit Musselburgh Library

This morning Primary 1C walked to Musselburgh Library. It was a long walk but we managed very well. Mrs Denham was very impressed with how sensibly and quickly we walked there and back.

When we were there we read three stories; I am Bat, One Button Benny and Eric Makes a Splash. Christopher from the library read the stories to us and then we voted on our favourite book. We then had some time to pick a story to read on our own or with a grown up.

Here are some pictures of our trip from today.


PC Smith visits Primary 1!

Primary 1 have been learning about ‘People Who Help Us’ and ‘Emergencies and Risks’.

This week PC Smith came in to chat to us about his job. He explained how his main role is to keep everyone safe whilst also showing us the different parts of his uniform and he even let us go in to his police van. The sirens were very loud and we all agree that it would NOT be nice to sit in the lock up.

We have shared some pictures of PC Smith’s visit.

Our trip to Musselburgh Library is on Monday 19th November. We are leaving school at 9.15am and will be back by around 11.30am. Please remember to wear your jacket and sensible shoes for our walk to the library. Thank you!



P.1 Homework (due Friday 2nd November)

Here is the P.1 homework for this week:

We have included more of the new sounds we have been learning in class. Please continue to complete a couple of activities from the phonics activity sheet and include the new sounds in it. We have added to the end of this block there for a couple of sounds may not be introduced until the end of this week but we are always keen to expose the children to new sounds whenever we can.

Please complete the symmetry sheet that we have provided. We have been learning about symmetry in class over the past few weeks and the children have been really confident when identify symmetrical pictures and have even made some of their own.

Your child should also have been issued with a permission slip for a visit to Musselburgh Library on the 12th OR 19th November. It is important we have these slips completed and returned as soon as possible, thank you.

A fantastic first term in P1C

We have had a fantastic, busy and exciting first term in Primary 1. Mrs Denham can’t believe how hard we all work and how much learning takes place in our classroom everyday. We have been learning lots of new sounds, using our sounds in words to help us build and blend and also in our writing to make sentences about the stories we have been reading.

We’ve learned about pattern and symmetry in Maths and have been using our number knowledge to count forwards and backwards, find missing numbers and order numbers from smallest to biggest.

Some of our highlights this term;

‘I have loved learning to count up to 50.’

‘I like practising and reading stories.’

‘I like walking round our Walk a Mile with my buddy.’

‘Writing is my favourite.’

‘I like making patterns with the cubes.’

‘Playing with the lego.’

‘Sharing with my friends.’

‘Playing games in the playground.’

‘Colouring in with my friends.’

‘Threading my numberline.’

We hope you all have a lovely October holiday.

Primary 1C and Mrs Denham 🙂