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New Playground Equipment

P6a and P2/3 have taken  have been very busy organising new playground equipment for all classes to use at break and lunch as their school community responsibility.

The Parent Council kindly donated £500  for us to spend on new equipment and we worked together to create a wish list of equipment that we thought everyone would enjoy using. These are displayed in our school entrance .

The order was placed and just before our Christmas holidays our new equipment arrived!

On Monday the two classes got together with hoops ,quoits and cones to create some activities that could be done with this equipment .We shared our ideas with the rest of the school at assembly  and on Thursday at break these items went outside so everyone could play.

We plan to add more equipment to the playground bags over the coming weeks as long as everyone takes responsibility for looking after them and playing with them safely.

We plan to take some photos of our new equipment being used over the next few weeks so watch out for these !

P1-3 Homework for next week

Next week (beginning Monday 19 November )is Scottish Book Week and to mark this event all the children in P1-3 will be given a special bag full of lots of exciting activities .Primary 1 bag is a Book bug bag similar to the one the children received last year in nursery. It contains some books  and activities to share with your child .Primary 2 and 3 have a Read ,Write and Count bag with books and games to play .Each pack contains a leaflet for parents with lots of ideas as to how to use the pack. As there are so many great activities  in the packs we have decided to make this the focus for homework next week. It would be appreciated if you could spend 10-15 minutes each evening working on the activities in the pack.
Our new Read ,Write Inc. sets begin again on  Wednesday  and  no homework will be distributed for this next week

This week in P2/3

Our Health and Wellbeing theme this term  is Friendship. This week the children have been identifying what friendship means to them and they have been drawing and writing about what they like to do with their friends . Everyone agreed that friends are important and were able to explain why.

We have discussed what a good friend looks and sounds like and used our ideas to create a good friend checklist to display in class .

A good friend

*listens to others

*has good manners

*chooses their words carefully and uses kind words

*has gentle hands and feet

*cares about the feelings of others .

We plan to use our checklist to help us in the playground so that everyone in our class has a happy and safe playtime .


Another successful Book Fair

A huge thank you to everyone who supported our school Book Fair on the last week before our October break.

We achieved over £1100 in sales which is amazing and the school will receive 60% of this back in commission for us to order free books to add to our library  stock and help update story sacks in the nursery, so lots of lovely new books to look forward to!

A special thank you and big pat on the back  to the 5  parent volunteers who ran the Fair over the week during our school day  and at Parent’s Evening  on the Thursday evening too .Parent help with this event is the only way we can manage such a successful Book Fair and as  you can see for our total raised this is a worthwhile school event which we are keen to maintain .

Thank you again to everyone who helped and supported us !