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Another great week in Primary 2

P2 have been working very hard this week.  We have described Elmer in our writing, discussed how we feel in the different ‘zones of regulation’ and had fun developing our Basic Moves in the gym.

We have made suggestions to our teachers for the different zones in our classrooms next week.  Lots of great opportunities for play 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you all at ‘Meet the teacher’ on Wednesday 28th.

Mrs Cusack, Miss Heatherill and Mrs Davidson

Our first week in Primary 2!

Hello everyone!

We have had a fantastic first week here in all 3 classes in Primary 2! So far we have been showing some wonderful walking in the corridors, learning what it looks like, sounds like and feels like to be ‘Proud to be Pinkie’ and discussing what makes us unique.

We are very proud of our classes this week.

Just a wee reminder that if your child doesn’t have a PE bag or indoor shoes, please can these be provided, thank you!

Mrs Davidson, Miss Heatherill and Mrs Cusack


P2 outdoor learning visit tomorrow

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend!

Just to remind parents and carers of pupils in P2A and B that we are going to the outdoor education centre tomorrow morning. I know this was short notice but the centre only informed us they had space for P2 late Wednesday. A few reminders;

* Please return all permission slips to class teachers tomorrow (if your child had been  absent we will be ready with letters)

* At the moment, the weather looks rainy. Please can all pupils come to school dressed appropriately for rainy weather as we will be walking there and back.

* We will be back by lunchtime so no need to provide lunches different to what your child would normally have.

Many thanks for your cooperation on this last minute visit but I am sure it will be fantastic for the children. I will post how we got on over the next few days!

Mrs Davidson