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This week we have been making a castle tower – we have been continuing to create our designs using paint, crayon, pen and card. We have learnt about pneumatics and hydraulics in science and are making a system to use in our castle towers to make something pop out the top of it.

We have also been learning about colour poems. We created a book using a colour of our choice. We used our senses to think of things that reminded us of that colour and tried to include nouns, adjectives and verbs – e.g. black – a spider crawling up the wall. It was fun!

We are excited it is the holiday!

P3a and Miss Christie

This week in P3a

This week we have been learning about 2D shapes. We went outside and made lots of different shapes using sticks. We brought some sticks in and used pipe cleaners to attach them to make different shapes – we found some of them hard but we didn’t give up. We learnt about a new shape called a Heptagon – it has 7 sides and corners!

We decided that we weren’t enjoying our last novel, so we have started another one called ‘There May be a Castle’ by Piers Torday. We are enjoying this one much more.

We are hoping to make some castle towers and use some of our science learning to do cool things. We need Pringle tubes, and would be grateful if anyone has any, to bring them in.

P3a and Miss Christie

This week In P3a

This week we have been finding out about King William, the Duke of Normandy building one of the first castles.

We also created an animal shape poem. We had to trace round the outline of an animal and then write inside it. We tried to include similes, onomatopoeia, adjectives, connectives and alliteration – so we really had to think, but are getting good at creating our own ideas.

We have been looking at literal questions and inferential questions too using a text. We know that the answer to a literal question is found in the text, but you have to use clues in the text to work out the answer to an inferential question.

Have a good weekend!

P3a and Miss Christie

P3a Learning

!We have been doing lots of learning this week!

This week we started to think about our new topic – Castles. We have completed a Think, Puzzle, Explore to find out what we think know, and came up with questions to explore!

 We have also been looking at poetry. We have looked at Acrostic poems and shape poems, and have even started to write some of our own poems including similes, alliteration and onomatopoeias.

We have been looking at multiplication though arrays too.

In PE we have started to learn about Gymnastic  Rolls, its been fun… even though some of the rolls are hard we are using our growth mind-set.

P3a and Miss Christie