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The Heart – Science this week!

This week we were learning about the heart and how it works. We found out that our hearts are about the size of a clenched fist. We know that the heart pumps blood around our bodies- so our heart is very important to keep us alive.

We counted our heart beats for 6 seconds using a stethoscope or finding our pulse and then multiplied that by 10 to find out how many beats our heart were doing each minute.

We took our resting heart rate and also did some exercises to see if the number of beats changed depending on what we were doing.  We were amazed at how many beats our heart did at times!

We also compared our resting heart rate and researched where ours should be for our age.

We are going to learn more about the body next week!

P3a and Miss Christie



Learning in P3a

We have been working hard this week after the long weekend!

In numeracy we have started to learn about fractions – we have found out that fractions are linked to division.

We have been leaning about fiction and non-fiction and using non-fiction texts – using the Contents page, Index and Glossary, as well as finding important information.

In maths we are learning about time. We went outside and made clocks using hula hoops, chalk for the numbers and sticks for the hands. We were able to make lots of different times by moving the sticks.

Learning in P3a

We have had a busy week…

On Tuesday we had a Judo taster session! It was good fun!

On Wednesday we took part in a football festival with other schools and had lots of fun with different activities and football matches.

We started to think about our new topic Farm to Fork… we thought about what we already knew by doing a See, Think, Wonder and created questions to investigate to find things out that we want to know.

In maths we have started to learn about telling the time. We used stop watches to time each other doing different activities, but first we estimated how long we thought it would take us using hours, minutes and seconds. We have also looked at parts of the clock and are beginning to tell o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to times.

Happy weekend!

P3a and Miss Christie


This week we have been making a castle tower – we have been continuing to create our designs using paint, crayon, pen and card. We have learnt about pneumatics and hydraulics in science and are making a system to use in our castle towers to make something pop out the top of it.

We have also been learning about colour poems. We created a book using a colour of our choice. We used our senses to think of things that reminded us of that colour and tried to include nouns, adjectives and verbs – e.g. black – a spider crawling up the wall. It was fun!

We are excited it is the holiday!

P3a and Miss Christie