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P3 Weekly Update

We really like our new morning greeting.  Every morning we choose a greeting like hugs, high fives, fist bump, say ‘HELLO’, pinkie hug,  handshake, thumbs up and wave.

This week we have really enjoyed being creative and designing and building our castles out of 3D junk.  We painted our castles and have made stone and brick patterns on them using pastels and thick pencils.

P3a have designed a rug for the Victory Party in the Great Hall.  We used 2D shapes that tiled.  We had to make sure that they fit together with no gaps.

In Numeracy we have been dividing by 2 or some of us have been dividing by 3 with remainders.

P3 Right of the Month

This week we have been discussing Article 31 – The right to relax and play. 

In school we like to relax by:


  • Dance with our friends
  • Pinkie 15
  • Listening to the relaxation music / story
  • Listening to music while doing our work
  • Playing tig with our friends
  • ERIC (Everybody Reading In Class)
  • Colouring in
  • Play Britains Got Talent
  • Doing Art
  • Playing games
  • Using the yoga mats to lie down and relax and making yoga shapes

In school we like to play:

  • Play with the outside games and playground equipment
  • Play football on a Monday
  • Lego
  • Red, Red River
  • Using the parachute to play the washing machine and popcorn game
  • Hide and Seek
  • Playing with our friends
  • Playing adventures and imaginative games with our friends
  • Number games
  • Nessy



P3 Weekly Update

This week we really enjoyed writing about a day in the life of our castle character and next week we would like to read our them to each other.

In maths we have been doing tiling and we have learned that shapes must fit together so that they tile without any gaps.  Shapes that tile:

  • rectangle
  • square
  • triangle
  • hexagon
  • diamond
  • pentagon

For World Book Day we made bookmarks to use in our ERIC books and we also have designed a new cover for our favourite book with a title and picture.  We also loved doing our library scavenger hunt.

We have been making catapults with junior mechano in science with Mr Hogben.

In technology we have been practising using Google Classroom.


P3a and P3b’s Fabulous News!

IDL:  This week we have learned a lot about castles. We learned that shields represent different families and we created our own shields.  We looked at different animals, colours and patterns and what they mean. P3b are in learning teams and have created their own team shield and names.

Maths:  We have been learning about different shapes using the words sides, corners and angles to describe them.  We have been looking at square, circle, rectangle, triangle, hexagon, semi circle, octagon, pentagon.  We had to sort pentagons and hexagons by colouring.

Poetry:  We read a poem called the Bogus Boo and it told us what it looked like.  It had lots of adjectives and rhyming words  We drew a picture of the Bogus Boo using our imagination.

P3a and P3b’s Weekly update

Yesterday we saw Sleeping Beauty pantomime:

We thought it was :

  • Wonderful!
  • Fantastic!
  • Brilliant!
  • Great!
  • Fandabbydosey!
  • Exciting!


  • there was a happy ending
  • it was funny
  • there were lots of jokes
  • it made us laugh
  • it was a different story from the normal one
  • they had songs we knew
  • it was sometimes scary
  • it was good to explore the story and the characters
  • it was very creative

Literacy (Poetry)

We did our poetry competition in class this week.  As a class we voted for 2 people to go into the final.  We looked for people that had

  • good eye contact
  • good actions
  • good memory to remember their poem
  • a good voice with expression
  • to be resilient – they had a go!


We enjoyed making a moving gatehouse. We learned that the drawbridge can do up and down and that there is a portcullis which keeps people out and is double defence.  The drawbridge also goes over the moat and keeps out the enemies.