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P3b’s Learning

This week in P3b we have been designing our Castle Tower and we will make something pop out of the top with either hydraulics or pneumatics. (Liam, Kaylah and Finlay)

We were experimenting with junior construction equipment to make a car that moved. (Alfie and Robert)

We have been learning how to use arrays and have been learning our 2 and 3 times tables. (Kaylah)

In maths we have moved on to look at 3d shapes and have been identifying and describing properties. (Callie and Alexander)

In writing we have made an acrostic poem about a dragon and we needed to include verbs, nouns, adjectives, similes, onomatopoeia and alliteration. (Robert, Jack, and Tayler )


P3bs Learning this week

This week we have started to do acrostic poems about winter.  (Finlay)

In P.E. we have been learning about how to use our strength.  We were climbing up ropes to work on this.  (Brooke)

We learned about parts of the castle and labelled our own. (Tayler S)

We have been exploring shapes by tiling a castle picture. (Alfie)

In science we explored pneumatics and hydraulics with our drawbridge.  We found that hydraulics was quicker because it is easier to compress than air. (Brooke and Steffan)

Our learning in 3b

In P.E. we have been learning to climb on the climbing frame, jump, balance, different rolls and leap frog. ( Ella, Tayler S, Robert, Callie)  We have been trying to climb up the ropes and touching the black bit at the top. (Tyler)

In writing we have been doing list poems about what you would find in a witch or a wizards cauldron.   (Brooke) We have been trying to include nouns, verbs, adjectives and commas. (Steffan, Alfie, Ella and Tayler S)

We were looking at different types of castles.  These castles were called Motte and Bailey and Keep and Bailey.  We found out that the Motte and Bailey was a wooden castle and the Keep and Bailey is the stone castle.  (Nicole, Alexander, Alfie)

We have started to learn about 2D and 3D shapes.  We learned to name different 2D shapes and describe them  (Callie and Steffan)


P3b’s Learning

This week we have made list poems about what might be in a wizard’s pocket. (Callie)

We have leaned about pushing and pulling objects though a challenge to investigate this.  We had a marble, string, pencil, straw and a cube and had to think about different ways of pushing and pulling without touching. (Lexi, Ella, Finlay, Steffan and Nicole.)

In P.E. we have been working on gymnastics and practising our skills in balances on the floor and on benches. (Finlay)

We have started to learn about Judaism. We learned about how Jew’s pray, where they pray (synagogue), what they wear (tallit and kippah). (Steffan, Finlay, Robert, Brooke)

In IDL we learned more about the Battle of Hastings.  King Harold didn’t have a good army because some of them were farmers and couldn’t fight as well as William, the Duke of Normandy’s Army.  Harold’s army made a shield at the top of a hill to protect Harold.  William had thousands of men in his army. They had about 2000 horses and they were all trained.   William’s army won because they pretended to run away and retreat.  The shield moved forward and that meant William’s army could go round and attack.  King Harold died and they think it was because of an arrow or that he was run down by horses. (Steffan, Alexander, Tayler, Finlay, Alfie, Taylor)


P3b Learning

This week in P3b we have started to think about our new topic castles.  We wrote some questions about castles and we will be exploring about castles.  (Tayler)

We have just started to work on volume today. We were measuring in ml and l.  We had different amounts that we had to make. (Robert)

Lately we finished our maths topic on weight by making a pretend cake using flour and sugar.  We had to weigh out different kinds of cake ingredients. (Brooke)

We learned about shape poems and wrote our own one about a star. We had to make sure we had similes, adjectives, connectives and alliteration in our poem. (Callie and Jack)