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P3b Update

This week we have been  playing football rounders in PE  and practised running, kicking the ball far, ball control, using your eyes t and also passing .

In Science we have been learning about the body.  This week we have learned about the heart and how it works.

In Maths we were working on telling where we have been learning about quarter past, quarter to, half past and o’clock as analogue and digital time.

This week in writing we wrote instructions and drew a picture about how to make a fruit kebab and then we made them and ate them,

We have finished designing our farms this week and next week we are going to make our characters.

P3b’s Learning

In science we have been making lungs to show how they work. (Abigail and Brooke)

In PE we have played Bocha and we had to get the beanbag close to the shuttlecock.  We were practising our throwing skills at different stations, (Jack and Robert)

We have been counting in 2s, 3s and 4s and we have been looking at times tables and division in Numeracy.  The spheres and pyramids have started looking at fractions.  (Kyle and Alfie)

In writing we have learning how to write instructions and wrote a collaborative one in groups of three or  four about how to make toast. (Kaylah, Logan, Robert, Finlay)

In handwriting we are working on our cursive joined up writing. (Tayler S)

In RME we have started working on Hinduism and they worship a God and their God is called Brahman. (Alexander) We learned that Brahman has many faces. (Steffan)Hinduism is the oldest religion and about 900 million people follow this religion.  (Callie and Finlay)  It was started in East Asia and is mostly followed in India. (Robert)


P3bs’ Learning

This week we have had a football festival and we had some matches and played some games. (Finlay)

In science we have started to learn about the skeleton and why it is important.  If you got hurt you need to tell someone because it could really hurt your bones and you need to protect your brain because that is really important.  We learned parts of the skeleton like the skull and the rib cage and that they are important  to keep our organs safe.  Our spine is made up of lots of disks and we need to protect our spine because we would not be able to move without it. (Tayler  Robert, Jack, Rares, Kyle)

In maths we have been learning about time and we have been using stopwatches.  We were timing ourselves doing different exercises.(Brooke and Kyle)  We have also been working out what it says on the clock in digital time (Callie)

We had a judo this week where we were practising holding sleeves, rock people over like we were driving a car. We had to squish people down so that they couldn’t escape and they had 10 seconds to try and escape. (Kaylah, Robert, Finlay)

P3bs Learning this week

I writing we have been doing a story about the battle between the people of  Loch Marr and the Duke of Lannister’s Army. We had to include connectives, adjectives, openers, alliteration and onomatopoeia and similes. (Robert)

We have been practising joining our handwriting. (Nicole)

In PE we did an obstacle course.  We did speed jumping( hurdles), we threw javelins, racing and forward rolls. (Nicole, Tayler, Robert)

We have been outside to find symmetry and made our own symmetrical patterns (Kaylah)

In French we played a matching game to find different members of the family. (Brooke, Robert)

We played number games with Mr Irwin (Tayler)

We started reading our new story called the Sheep Pig and it is about a Pig that was won by Mr and Mrs Hoggit  Babe met the sheep dog called Fly .  Fly takes care of Babe. (Alfie)

P3bs Learning

This week we have been making umbrellas to show our rights.  (Logan and Rares)

We have been finishing off our towers.  We have put a cup inside our tower and added our princess, knight, king and dragons so that they pop up. (Rares and Kaylah)

In football we have been playing mini matches and practising dribbling and protecting the ball. (Finlay, Steffan, Robert)

In science, we have been learning how canons work by seeing how far they shoot.  We had fun trying to shoot a target with our canons and we tested out different sizes of syringe to see how far they can go. We found that the 10ml syringe went further. (Alfie, Steffan, Robert, Kyle)

In P.E. we have started to learn about sports.  This week we have jumped hurdles, played hockey, skipped, practised our shooting and played rugby. (Callie)

We have practised our handwriting. (Rares)

Also in writing we have been trying to uplevel our sentences to make them better, but keep the same idea.  We had to add things to just improve them.  We wrote Charlie Stinky Socks, a dragon and a king. (Tayler and Robert)