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P4A – A note from Miss Smillie

What a fantastic day P4 had on our school visit to Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace.
I am so very proud of each and every one of you…you were an absolute credit to our school – #proudtobepinkie

You had compliments from tourists at the castle about your behaviour and engagement, you walked sensibly down the Royal Mile (even photo – bombing the bag pipe player!) and you answered all questions at the palace and showed off your knowledge and understanding of Mary Queen of Scots.

You have learned so much and it was an absolute pleasure taking you out for the day. Check out our Google Classrooms for personal comments from the children.

Have a wonderful holiday, stay safe and I will see you all in term 4 🙂

P4A – Our trip so far….

‘We have been up at Edinburgh castle and we saw the crown jewels’ – Kyle

‘We are having fun’ – Karla

‘We visited the prison and saw rats and mouldy food’ – Nathan

‘We are at Holyrood Palce and we are having lunch’ – Danny

‘We are having a tour of Holyrood Palace’ – Amy

‘We have met a new puppet rat to help us learn’ – Phoenix

Pictures to follow

Learning in P4A

‘ We were playing Tic Tac Toes at P.E’ Danny

‘ We were working on our jumping in P.E this week. I really liked it and hope we can play it next week!’ Chanelle

‘ This week in science we have been learning about germs and how they spread. We were looking at the different temperatures where they would spread. We took part in an experiment where we put our germy hands (after lunch time) onto slices of bread and sprayed water on it – we put them in a bag and now we know the germs are going to grow! We will see the results next week!’ Mariyah

‘ My favourite lesson this week was learning about the deep sea. We watched BBC live where the man went under the water with sharks and he explained that they are not that harmful. We were learning about the pollution and I went round all the classes to collect all the recycling boxes for Mr Billy and will return them on Monday for all the children. ‘ Faith

Have a lovely weekend 🙂


This week in P4A we have been….

‘ We have been writing our diary entries of the ‘triple tragedy’ for our interdisciplinary learning’ Brooke

‘ I have been learning how to make 3D shapes from nets. I made a cuboid which made a cereal box’ Finlay

‘ We were talking about our next topic and we think we will explore under the sea because the environment is filled with plastic bottles’ Rocky

Have a lovely weekend.
Please remember school visit slips to be returned for our adventure to Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace.

P4A – World Book Day!

P4A have had a fantastic morning celebrating World Book Day!
We have enjoyed our assembly where we got to show off our character dress up outfits.
We have listened to some audio books online and are going to vote on our next class novel.
We have completed a scavenger hunt – finding a list of objects/characters and punctuation in our library books.

Book marks, character selfies and reading to follow 🙂