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Learning in P4B

‘We have gone out to the woods at the school and collected sticks for our showcase on Tuesday – we have turned them into magical wands’ Leah C

‘We have been painting characters from Harry Potter. My team, Team Voldemort created the character Hagrid’ Lewis

‘We have been making our own shields and we also created bigger shields for the houses of Hogwarts’ Rebecca

‘We were word building with playdough, hamma beads, magnetic boards and pasta shapes’ Caitlin E.

‘In outdoor learning we were creating bridges out of yellow boxes and wooden planks. We were also trying to get the ball past some tubes we were holding and eventually we bet our score’ Eli

Christmas Jumper Day Friday 15th December

On Friday 15 December we’re inviting all pupils to take part in Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day.

The whole school and nursery will be taking part, with everyone getting the chance to show the world their silly side by wearing their favourite festive knits for the day.

We’re asking pupils to make a £1 donation, or whatever they can give, to help save children’s lives around the world.

The money they raise will help Save the Children give the world’s forgotten children a brighter future. It could help bring essentials like healthcare, education, protection and food to the millions of children around the world who are missing out on the most basic support.

And you won’t need to splash out on snazzy new sweaters to join in the fun – simply decorate an old woolly to create your own crafty masterpiece, or wear something festive.

We’d really appreciate your help to make Christmas Jumper Day a huge success.

With your support we’re looking forward to a woolly great day!

P4B – Drama and Role Play

Today we have decided on our new Interdisciplinary topic – Harry Potter. We will use this theme to learn through expressive arts – drama and music.

We would like to ask if any wizard/witch Halloween costumes could be saved and brought into school to support our learning.

Anything brought in, could we please make sure that names are on.

Thanks in advance,
Miss Smillie and P4B

Learning P4B – Magnets and Science

In science we have been learning about magnets.

‘We were visiting different stations with different magnetic activities. My favourite was the one with the car where I had to get a magnet and push the car away (repel) in a race.’ Connor P

‘I liked the activity where we had to find the metal balls which were hidden in the sand. The magnet worked through the plastic tray’. Caitlin T

‘We tested how many magnets would stick to a stronger magnet’ Aimee

‘I liked when we were finding out which items would stick to a magnet and which ones don’t. Anything that is metal would stick’ Eli

Well done on all your hard work this term P4B! I hope you enjoy your October break, stay safe and will see you all on Tuesday 24th October – please remember this will be a swimming day so don’t forget your kits! – Miss Smillie