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P4B’s Week of Learning.

We really enjoyed presenting our Viking assembly
We have started our new topic space, and zoomed into something strange.
We have began to look at similes. A simile is when we compare an object to another thing.
We have started to learn how to play tennis in P.E. We have loved Tennis.
We have began to do mental maths in our head.

We would love you to come along to see a flavour of our current ICT and Digital Literacy work on Friday the 22nd of November at 11:45 am. Unfortunately, we can only invite one adult per child to the classroom to accommodate space limitations.


Tuesday can P4B come in their sports clothes for the visit of our athlete.
Friday is Children in Need, pupils can dress down for a donation to Children in Need.

P4B’s Week of Learning

This week we all enjoyed making viking bread, many enjoyed eating it. (The recipe will be posted because some would love to make it at home.)

We learnt about what food the vikings ate.

We worked on subtracting in numeracy.

I enjoyed spending time with my buddy.

I decorated my viking bracelet.

I enjoyed writing about the troll and using adjectives.

I enjoyed searching for right angles in the secret garden using my pac-man.

P4B’s week of learning

This week we learnt about Viking long houses. They are made of wood or stone or wattle, their roofs were made of turf or straw. Animals lived in the byre, to protect them from cattle thieves and the winter. Vikings didn’t have glass in their windows they closed them with shutters. The floor was below the ground. The closer you lived to the fire the more important you were.

We used our awesome imagination to create a story about a bird dreaming to get out of its cage.

In music we were learning to read musical notes.

This week in numeracy, we looked at the relationship between adding and subtractions as well as multiplying and dividing.

P4B’s Week

We have been working on our numeracy, addition, subtraction and multiplication.

We started to look at position and movement in maths.

Today we looked at Internet security and safe things to share online.

We learn’t some things about Vikings. They spoke Norse and we still use some of their words today, Egg, Muck and Dirt.

Vikings also did not have horns on their helmets, that was made up.

What did P4Bs week look like.

We have been learning about the Artic and Antarctic Ocean, and the animals that live there.

We learnt that Polar bears and penguins never meet in the wild.  

We have been learning how to use Google Slides.

In Science we made circler winged aeroplanes.

We got to meet our new teacher, Mrs Samson.

I have been extending my writing using my imagination. My story was about a hot air balloon race that went around the world.