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This week in P6a

Our week by Kelsey and Casey

This week p6a have had lots of fun! We have produced some lovely artwork. We painted the Eiffel Tower; we have been learning bout famous landmarks throughout our Europe topic. Also we have been learning about angels such as acute, right, obtuse, reflex and straight. On Thursday we had a wake and shake assembly where we were taking part in lots of different exercises.

P6 Science Ceilidh

On Thursday we presented our learning to the whole school and parents. We shared how the brain works and made dances to represent the different stages of hearing and seeing. We used instruments to make music.

I think it was really fun and Lewis and Lisa should come again and teach other classes at Pinkie.

By Charlie

This week in P6a

This week we had opportunity to take part in a Science Ceilidh workshop. Yes science and music together…. cool eh?!? We got to play boomwhackers and we even made music with a slinky and a plastic cup.
We learnt about how sound is made using vibrations. We are very much looking forward to our next workshop on Wednesday.

Callum ‘ It was really fin when we made the Star wars sound track”

Simeon ” The best part was using the instruments”

Delia ” I like how we learnt about science and music at the same time”