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‘Out of this World’ Costumes

Those children in P6 who have an acting part in our show ‘Out of this World’ will need to following costumes:

Choopies: Green clothing (long sleeves if possible)

Geekoids: Blue clothing (long sleeves if possible)

Earth crew: White/Grey clothing (long sleeves if possible)

Please do not feel the need to go and buy items. If you are struggling to find items please let us know and we can try and help resource some clothing!

P6 Parents & Carers are invited to come and watch the show on Tuesday 24th March at 1.30pm.

Many thanks,

Mrs Azzopardi & Mr Dove

P6b Art

We have been working on drawing with one point perspective in our Art lessons. We have drawn a city street and we have started to design the inside of a Titanic cabin. We have really enjoyed doing this because we get to colour in and draw. We have to be resilient because sometimes it doesn’t look write the first time so we have to try again.

(Aimee & Lexi)