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An update from P6a

This week in P6a we have been really busy preparing for our French café which we will be hosting after our nativity on  Tuesday, P6 parents please come and join us after our show on Tuesday in the dining hall.

We have also been learning computer science because a lot of schools don’t teach that. We have been taking part in ‘hour of code’ on a website where we can play games that are related to coding.

On Tuesday 10 people from the class where chosen to test and internet game related to money and coding from the Money sense team.

All of us made one point perspective drawings of the Titanic. we drew them (with the help of Mr Kenny) and painted them.

Thank you for reading our blog post from this week.

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday!



P6a Money Museum

P6a had the opportunity yesterday to visit the Money Museum on the Mound. This was a fantastic trip from start to finish. The workshops were both informative and fun, enhancing our knowledge of money. We got to make our own coins and bank notes which we all got to take home. We were able to handle some very old items that were once used for money like shells, cocoa beans and animal fur. This museum is worth a visit!