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Busy P6a

In P6a we have been learning first aid with Mr Stone. We covered 6 very important things that would help to save someone’s life. Here are they six steps in order.

1st D for danger, check for any danger around the person.

2nd R for response, say something to the person to see if they will respond.

3rd S for shout, yell for help so you are not alone with the person.

4th A for airways, make sure to tilt the head back so they can breathe.

5th B for breathe, make sure they can breathe.

6th C for call, use the nearest phone to call the ambulance but put them in the recover position first so you can leave them to call for help.

Pancake day

On Pancake Day P6a made poems and learnt about Pancake Day and why it started. It is the day before lent which is something Christians celebrate. Some people went down to Miss Bonnar and Miss Palmar with their wonderful poems. To truly understand Pancake Day we had to of course eat a pancake!

By Emma

P6 Outdoor learning

This week with Mr Stone we were taking part in lots of fun activities outside in the glorious sunshine. We were developing our communication skills and building trust in one another. Through trial and error we realised success was not achievable without these vital skills. We are very much looking forward to learning outdoors next week, we hope this lovely weather continues.

Have a nice weekend! From P6a