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P6B volleyball

This week P6B have been learning about how to play sitting volleyball. Sitting volleyball is where 2 teams of 6 or 5 sit on the ground and play a game of volleyball the rules are that everyone has to be sitting and the ball has to be hit into the air for a shot or you can gently pass it to your team mates. Next week we are going to learn how to pass and shoot in volleyball. The easy parts are when you can just hit the ball over the net straight away and the hard bit was when we would have to pass the ball to our team mates.

P6B’s Assembly

This week on Thursday P6B have performed their assembly about Scottish inventors. It was really good and everyone enjoyed it.

There was a inventor called Kirkpactrick who invented the bike.  So there was a bike in the performance. They also mentioned golf, rugby sevens, telephone, TV and don’t forget your own Irn Bru.

We also showed our own inventions which included a robot goalie, a pair of wings a thinker-naut, an eco friendly plastic brick maker and the fun spin.


P6B Garden Update

Our friends at the Paint Shed heard we wanted some pallets for a new compost bin. We have been clearing up so much, the old ones were full. Paul came around and dropped off some pallets and we did the rest, working as a team to move them into the garden. We took some photos so you can see. Our next job is to make the pallets into a square shape.
Thanks to everyone at the Paint Shed!

PC Smith visits P6B

This week P6 have been talking to PC Smith about hate crime. There are 5 brackets of hate crime! Racism ,sexuality , religious, gender and disability. Being racist means you make fun  of others’ skin colour. Disability means that people may have something wrong with them BUT don’t make fun of them because of their disabilities and do not offend people because of there religion.