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P6A PE and Science

In P.E we been doing hockey. We have been playing the numbers game and also we have played battleships and the D game which is a game were you can’t let your hockey ball go out of the D in the hockey pitch and in battleships you cant let two of your cones get knocked down. Also in the numbers game you get numbered and if the teacher calls your number go go and play hockey but your not allowed to let the ball hit your bench or you will be out.

In science we went outside and tried to guess how far the planets were from each other and how big they were and it was very fun.

P6A Class Charter

P6a have been finding out about the UN Rights of the Child and exploring how they are relevant to all of us in school.  We have discussed ways that we can be READY, CARING and SAFE all the time and linked these ideas with some of the childrens rights.

We decided on an underwater theme to display our work!


P6A Outdoor Learning

This week in P6A we have been doing outdoor learning with Mr Stone. So with Mr Stone we were doing archery and we built a aquaduct. We built the aquaduct out of sticks and pipes and after we built them we poured water into them. In archery we used our bows to shoot the arrows onto the targets.  Our teamwork was great in both activities – we had to work together in pairs for archery and in a team for buildingt he aquaduct.  We all enjoyed doing archery and aquaduct building.




P6a do hockey in P.E

This week in P.E , P6A practised some hockey.

First we did a little bit of dribbling to get used to doing it. After that we played a game where when Mr Dougal says “switch” you had to switch balls with someone, but the catch was that he would kick a ball out each time. Then finally we played a very fun game where you had to make sure your ball didn’t go out of the space, or that someone didn’t hit your ball out. If either of those happened then you were out.

All of the class really enjoyed it and would like to do hockey again.