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P6B – Disaster Islands

Following on from P6B’s  work on natural disasters, we’ve been creating our own islands.  We had to provide shelter, power, jobs, water and food for our islanders, as well as habitats for wild animals.  Unfortunately, disaster struck and we had to figure out how our island would cope with a random distructive event.

Here are our islands…

P6B – Natural Disasters

This week P6b have been learning about natural disasters. We were learning how to survive and protect people from different disasters. In a tsunami you need to be on high ground, in a wildfire you need to stay away from dry plants, in a flood you want to stay away from water, in a hurricane you want to be in low ground and stay inside and in a eartquake you want to be in strong shelter.

We played this game to learn about it:

SM and HM

P6B-Endangered Animals

P6B has been learning about animals that are going to be extinct if we ALL don’t do anything. We can help these animals by: not littering, sometimes vollunteering for things like beach clean ups, cutting down on CO2 pollution by driving cars and being on planes and recycling, reusing and reducing products made from animal fur and trees.  Here we are doing a litter pick around the school grounds – we filled three bags in half an hour.



This week we have done a judo taster session.

We played Attack and Defending games  and we wrestled. Jude got thrown and he thought it was so fun. He felt excited and nervous but when it happened it was amazing .  Click the image below to see a video!

When we were going to play another game Jack demonstrated. He was attacking and the coach, Jordan, was defending beanbags and everyone was laughing because he could not get the beanbags.



HM and EM