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P6a poppy art!

In P6a we did some poppy art for remembarance day! We were focusing on our perspective and making it look like the poppy’s are disappearing into the distance! We drew a horizon where as the poppy’s were disapearing into the distance they got smaller and smaller and when they got “closer” they became bigger!

Here are some of our unfinished poppy designs:

P6a Art

This week in art we were looking at body proportions and linking it in to our titanic work with reseaching first class  passengers and second and third class.

We were measuring out wha

t size our arms and legs are and working on body propotions  with what parts  of our body goes  where  And what clothing  they would were at that time of year and in different classes.

All together  we all enjoyed doing this and cant wait to finish them.

PF and BM



Outdoor learning with P6A!

P6A had a lot of fun making our own hammocks!

Mr. Dove didn’t give instuctions to make the hammocks so P6A had to get into partners and try to make up their own instuctions  to try and put up a hammock safely. People had a harder time than others. P6 got to chill in the hammocks for a little while.

Here are some of P6’s pictures: