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P6B’s Daisy Sampling

This week P6B have tried to count all of the daisies in the school grounds. First P6B guessed by walking around the grounds.

Then they threw quadrats to do a proper scientific sample of the daisies.  We’ve collected our data – next week we’ll be analysing it and seeing what the total will be…

Collaborative Art in P6B

P6B have been looking at the evolution of different styles of art this term – we looked at some early aboriginal art where they used dots to create patterns and pictures.  We then jumped forward to 19th century France where Georges Suerat created a style known as pointillism – which also used dots to build up a picture.  We gave it a shot…

P6b’s week

This week P6B have been learning about the triple jump and 600m sprints. We did 600m sprints and 80m sprints we also did relays whilst the 600m sprinters were running. We played a Tail Tig warm, were we had to get the tail off the other person as they were running. It was difficult running all 600m it was really challenging. The relay was a good way to practice team effort and our speed.

P6b Art and Maths

This week  P6b did aboriginal style art to do aboriginal art they did lots of dots using cotton buds .Doing aboriginal art you couldn’t do complicated designs because you had to use dots. P6b also did the big bang art in the same style as the aboriginal art.

In maths this week P6b have been making graphs with the data they gathered from outdoor learning. This week they did bar graphs of there timings for running 50m forwards, backwards, skipping, sideways and hopping.

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P6B – World Religions

P6B have been starting their new topic looking at the universe by exploring different stories about how the universe was created.  Different religions have different creation stories and we have explored the similarities and differences between them.  Here are some comic strips we have started showing some of the ideas.