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Scots Fairy Tales

P7A spent last term finding out about Scotland and learning the Scots language.  They found loads of words that they already use all the time and a muckle pile of new ones.

They have rewritten some classic fairy tales and translated them into Scots – producing wee booklets with illustrations.  Today we went down to see our buddies to share our books with them.

Fairtrade negotiations

P7A have been finding out about Fairtrade as part of their Around the World topic.  We have looked at the benefits of Fairtrade and how farmers have a better deal. We then role-played being tea farmers and tea buyers for a supermarket, to help us understand how working in a co-operative can mean a fairer deal for farmers.

Things got quite heated…

P7 Engineering Challenge

P7A and P7B were visited by Tom Reynolds, a structural engineer from the University of Edinburgh, to talk to them about engineering and creating structures out of natural materials.  He talked about the importance of engineering and how he is researching the use of bamboo in buildings, to make them strong, light and resistant to damage in natural disasters.  We were then given the challenge to build our own structures using very simple bamboo elements.

P7 will be practising their engineering skills over the next few weeks by entering the Scottish Engineering Young Leaders Award.

P7A Scottish Art

P7A have been exploring colour mixing and making shades and hues using watercolours. We used these skills to design and create their versions of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s rose. The roses were different saheds of the same colour and the rest of the design used colour mixing skills to create interesting, vibrant colours.