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P7 say goodbye at assembly – ‘Someone You Taught’ Leavers Song

P7 say goodbye at assembly – ‘Someone You Taught’ Leavers Song

This morning was an excellent celebration of Primary 7 moving on from Pinkie. The assembly got amazing reviews! Each and every child contributed brilliantly and they should all be proud of themselves and each other.

Watch the video above which has our brilliant recording of the song written and recorded by P7!

Thank you Primary 7, you will be missed!


P7 Funfilled end of year trip!

Our trip to Fox Lake today was amazing, incredible, ultra fun and fantastic… just to pick a few words!

The sun was shining which added to all the fun we had!!

P7 were absolutely fantastic #proudtobepinkie

‘The best moment was when we fell off the ringo ride.’ Rebecca

‘It was funny when Rhys fell off the ringo and I had to pull him back on. ‘ Leo

‘The best bit was persuading Chloe to come on the ringo because she was scared at first.’ Hannah R

‘The picnic was brilliant! Especially the lemons and limes!’ Craig

‘The best part was at the zip line of the rope course, when I attempted to hang upside down I fell flat on my back into the water.’ Abbie

“I hope there isn’t a frog in my bag now – we spotted a few around the water.’ Hadyn

‘Rebecca, Abby and I fell off the ringo and couldn’t get back up, it was so funny.’ Amber

‘My favourite part was when I fell in the water, off the ringo. Hadyn and Rebecca tried to pull me up by my feet, but my shoes fell off and started to sink!’ Ava

‘My favourite part was when I fell off the fox fall course too early but I managed to get back round to the zip line and do a backflip.’ Josh

‘At the ringo while we were at full speed, Sami fell off and the speed boat had to go get him.’ Gurshaan

‘My favourite moment was on the ringo, Callum jumped off with a superman dive.’ Aidan

‘The best part was on the ringo, me, Callum and Aidan nearly fell off.’ Ryan

Overall, it was a brilliant trip! We hope to go back one day and have more fun! Miss Palmer even found a 4 leaf clover!! How lucky!

There are lots of videos that we will try and upload so you can see the fun that we had!

P7 – ‘Pinkie Does Tough Mudder’

Yesterday was a wet and wonderful afternoon as the P7’s took on a course set up specially for them following their fantastic fundraising efforts. Well done and thank you to those who donated, as we have raised over £800 and counting from sponsorships!

The course had a soggy crawl under tarpaulin, several planks to clamber up, a terrifying looking spiders web, ropes to crawl under whilst being splashed with sponges (or just poured on with buckets!) and lots of different team exercises.

We are delighted to say that every pupil managed to complete the course, but even more importantly, the pupils displayed such great spirit of resilience, support and fun!

It was a definitely a day to feel #ProudToBePinkie !!!

Check out the photos in the gallery for a flavour of the afternoon.

Mr Drysdale and Miss Christie

P7 Raffle – Last few days!

Thanks to everyone so far who has donated to be entered in to the fabulous raffle! The last day for getting a strip of tickets for £1, or a single ticket for 20p, will be Wednesday 29th.

A reminder of the wonderful prizes which were generously donated:

Cakes n Shakes gift voucher

LCDC Party gift voucher for up to 20 children!

Valhalla therapy session

Amarone restaurant gift voucher

2 x super soaker giant lollipop

Gumball machine

Oral B electric toothbrush

Just Pink Perfume and Body lotion

Paw Patrol Bubble Blower

7 different Soap and glory products

White Grace beauty kit

Baylis and Hardin beauty travel set

Colourful lifesaver phone case

Black phone case

Jimmy Choo perfume

Clarins beauty set