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7A update – poetry, pounds and pirouettes!

Another busy week for 7A!

Literacy as has had a poetry focus with pupils identifying Scots words and trying to pair up the translation. It was awfie fickle! We are also learning our own choice of poem to recite to the class next week.

PE has had a gymnastics focus. On Tuesday, we created a whole new game where you had to avoid being tug, but if you were, you had to roll, jump or spin depending on the round.

All of P7 are taking part in the £1 challenge – trying to generate profit for our fundraising. A few groups went down to Mrs Bonnar today for feedback and approval so it shouldn’t be too long before some exciting activities appear in the school, so keep an eye out for any communication from the P7s!



First week back in p7a and the launch of house points!

7A have got back in to the swing of things quickly, with numeracy, maths, literacy and IDL filling up the week!

In IDL we have been learning about natural disasters and before we started learning about it we made a great wall of inspiration and it is a wall of questions about natural disasters that we don’t know and we all want to find out . (Rebecca)

We have officially launched our house points system and now you can earn house points for your house! We have 4 tubes at the front, where you will add counters which you earn. P7 spoke about this at assembly on Thursday! We will choose the treat for the winning house soon, and the winning house will get it in 4 weeks time.


Children In Need – Thank You!

Thank you to all who donated so generously this morning when  dressing up and attending the hall event.

Lots of prizes were won, crazy costumes were out on show and everyone who attended seemed to have a great time celebrating and raising money for Children In Need.

We ran out of to count an exact total because there were so many coins, but we know it is several hundred pounds raised! We will update you on an exact total on Monday.

Great job everyone, and thank you.

P7a should be proud of themselves for the responsible and nurturing display they put on, as running an event like that for the whole school isn’t easy!