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P7 Fundraising Raffle Starts Next Week

When we return to school on Tuesday, P7’s will be selling tickets for £1 a strip.

The prize pot is growing every day, and even more have been added since the photo was taking by a pupil this morning.

The prizes really are great! Some notable prizes include vouchers for Cakes N Shakes, Amarone, a 60 minute treatment at Valhalla, a range of products to pamper yourself with, a few sweet treats, an electric toothbrush and some fun looking toys!

So the raffle really suits adults and children alike! If you like the sound of supporting the P7 fundraisers, as well as giving yourself a chance to win, be sure to buy from the P7s starting Tuesday 21st.

A massive thank you to the local businesses and school community for the very generous donations.

P7a Pupils visit Pinkie Farm Shop to collect items for raffle

Yesterday, four pupils nipped along to the local shop to collect 3 fantastic prizes donated by Dan and Pinkie Farm Shop, which they were very grateful for.

Pupils phoned up local businesses, including the Farm Shop, to follow up on persuasive letters we sent up a few weeks back. This was a display of great confidence, and excellent communication skills.

So far, Tesco Musselburgh have also donated gifts for the raffle as well as some kind donations in to the school office. We hope to get a few more items in before we reveal the big news about the raffle coming soon!

This week in P7b

Our week has been jam packed and fun!

We have chosen the topic of Film making and movies this term – we are really excited to find out how to create a film. We have started to create some animations on the Chrome Books. We took lots of photos of images, items, gradually making little changes to them. Miss Christie was really impressed with all the creative ideas from everyone. We had to take 12 to make 1 second of an animation. We then adapted the speed of moving through the photos to create the animations. We have saved them on our google classrooms (ask us to show you at home!)

“Some of the animations we created looked cool and amazing!” Amber & Ebony.

On Thursday we visited MGS – we got to go to the science department. We had the job of working out a crime that had been committed. To do this we had to do lots of forensic experiments. Some of the experiments we did included using a Bunsen burner and different types of chemicals. It was really interesting and fun!Some of the experiments could have been dangerous if we did not behave in a safe way.  We wore safety goggles to protect our eyes and if we had long hair we had to tie it back.

We hope to have another amazing week next week!

Have a good weekend everyone!

P7B 🙂