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P4A Hot Chocolate party

P4A enjoyed a hot chocolate party to celebrate with Miss Manus before she enjoys her maternity leave. We wanted to say a huge thank you for all her hard work this year. Here are some of the children’s comments.

‘Today because it was Miss Manus’ last day we had a hot chocolate party and we also made a paper chain with our nice messages’ Mariyah

‘We got to bring our teddy bears in’ Alexandra

‘We were signing songs with ‘Baby’ in the title including Baby Shark’ Amy

‘Here is a photo of all of us with our hot choc cups!’ Finlay

‘We had pink and white marshmallows with our hot chocolate’ Faith

‘Miss Manus was kind and treated us to some haribo’ Nathan

P3b Weekly Update

This week we chose our own animal from the tropical zone and then did some note-taking with this.  We did some research on the computers about our animal using Google and the microphone.

We have watched the summer seas and coral reefs about the tropical zone on Blue Planet.  Some things we learned were:

  • The Bumphead Parrot fish eats the dead coral and sand comes out of it’s bottom.
  • The Blackfish swims slowly to make other sea animals think it is not dangerous and then attacks its prey.
  • The white-tip shark hunts at night.  Their body is made so that it can go through small gaps.
  • The Sea Turtle comes to the coral reef to get cleaned and that is the only time that they go there.
  • The Spiky Sea Slug curls up in a ball and rolls away if it is attacked. It is poisonous to all of the other animals.  There is only 1 type of sea slug that can touch it without being poisoned and it is black and yellow..
  • There are Krill that live in and eat yellow coral. When a sea worms come to catch or attack them, the Krill guard the queen by pinching the worm with it’s claws.

We met our P4 teacher (Mr Shields) and created ourselves as a superhero.


P7 – ‘Pinkie Does Tough Mudder’

Yesterday was a wet and wonderful afternoon as the P7’s took on a course set up specially for them following their fantastic fundraising efforts. Well done and thank you to those who donated, as we have raised over £800 and counting from sponsorships!

The course had a soggy crawl under tarpaulin, several planks to clamber up, a terrifying looking spiders web, ropes to crawl under whilst being splashed with sponges (or just poured on with buckets!) and lots of different team exercises.

We are delighted to say that every pupil managed to complete the course, but even more importantly, the pupils displayed such great spirit of resilience, support and fun!

It was a definitely a day to feel #ProudToBePinkie !!!

Check out the photos in the gallery for a flavour of the afternoon.

Mr Drysdale and Miss Christie

Have a look at our play in P2A!

We have lots of great play experiences in the classroom this week all designed/asked for by the children. We have:

  • Forces – making ramps for the cars to see what height makes them travel faster.
  • Literacy – creating books to read to the class at story time.
  • Reading – reading short novels in the quiet area.
  • Money – playing active games on the board, creating a shop in the role play area with priced food items to buy.
  • The body – books all about different areas of the body and machines to measure our heart rate.
  • Problem solving/creating – using the gears in different ways to make them turn.
  • Numeracy – using the Numicon to add and subtract, playing dominoes…….and much more!