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P1B Space Music and The Seasons

This week P1B have been busy creating  space sound tracks for images. We explored a range of instruments and then worked in small groups to create our own sounds. We played games to learn about the instruments and their sounds and then chose  our own instruments and decided how we wanted to play them to create loud or quiet sounds.

This week we have also explored the seasons. We created some beautiful art work. We worked in teams to create a season picture of a tree and its landscape. We worked amazingly well together and had lots of ideas about the colours we wanted to use and the images we wanted to draw/paint around our tree. Photos of our finished display will follow soon.

Next week we are also visiting the library so keep checking our page as we will take lots of photographs!

Storyland Finale!

P1B have now finished their storyland topic so we wanted to share some of our amazing art work. We created this to help us explore characters and generate WOW words for description. We will continue to build on this as we travel through P1 but we are already thinking more about our use of interesting words when writing and can spot them in the stories we read. Well done P1B!

Milk Masterpiece Advert from P5/6!

Here is our amazing advert, appealing for milk bottles! It was a fantastic piece of teamwork and some really creative storyboards which led up to the final ad.

“Please bring in as many as possible and clean them so we don’t faint…again!” – Harlie

“Please view the advert because it took us a lot of work to complete the video.” – Callum

“Please comment on our video!” – Alfie

Full credits and thanks go to P5/6, Mr Smith and Mr Drysdale!