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P6B Science Wonders

P6B asked loads of different questions about science at the start of the year and we have been working through them, trying to answer as many of their “wonders” as we can.  We have looked at gravity and planet formation; chemical reactions and jet packs and this week we looked at colour and light.  We used water and mirrors to create our own rainbows and looked at different objects under different colours of light to see how they changed.


Benmore Day 1 complete!

A quick post to say we all made it to Benmore with no trouble and the buzz of excitement is continuing across the year group!

Pupils have been wrapped up in waterproofs and wellies taking on the elements and environment of Benmore! A range of exploring kicked us off this afternoon followed by dinner, diaries and a challenging night walk where there was great team work and resilience…. and lots of mud!

Tomorrow looks exciting and we will update you on our progress, signal permitting.

Mr Drysdale

A fantastic first term in P1C

We have had a fantastic, busy and exciting first term in Primary 1. Mrs Denham can’t believe how hard we all work and how much learning takes place in our classroom everyday. We have been learning lots of new sounds, using our sounds in words to help us build and blend and also in our writing to make sentences about the stories we have been reading.

We’ve learned about pattern and symmetry in Maths and have been using our number knowledge to count forwards and backwards, find missing numbers and order numbers from smallest to biggest.

Some of our highlights this term;

‘I have loved learning to count up to 50.’

‘I like practising and reading stories.’

‘I like walking round our Walk a Mile with my buddy.’

‘Writing is my favourite.’

‘I like making patterns with the cubes.’

‘Playing with the lego.’

‘Sharing with my friends.’

‘Playing games in the playground.’

‘Colouring in with my friends.’

‘Threading my numberline.’

We hope you all have a lovely October holiday.

Primary 1C and Mrs Denham 🙂