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I can’t believe it is Thursday already!Everybody is continuing to have a fantastic time.We have been climbing both inside and outside, caving, orienteering and biking. We had an amazing adventure on the night walk, despite walking into trees, puddles and fences we all made it back, safe and sound. Everybody is really looking forward to the disco tonight

P1B’s Adventures with Nat Fantastic

This week primary one have been creating imaginative adventures based on the book ‘Nat Fantastic’ by Giles Andreae and Katharine McEwan. Nat is a superhero in silver pyjamas who travels to different places to help people in need. At the end of the story the book leaves us on a cliffhanger! The children’s task during our writing lesson was to create Nat’s next adventure to save a character in need.

The success criteria for writing was differentiated to offer children appropriate challenge. Some pupils had to highlight the focus sounds. Others were asked to write down the focus sounds we have been learning using the correct formation. Lastly some pupils were challenged to use their sound knowledge to build words. We even attempted some tricky words!

Have a look at our wonderful adventures and please feel free to comment on our post

P1B News

Lots has been happening in P1B this week…

Alfie explained that we have been learning about characters and have been trying to generate WOW words when writing.  We all drew detailed pictures of a character of our choice and described them using an interesting word. We decided our word of the week was ‘gorgeous’!

Lily said that she has been learning about domino patterns and has been making them in the play dough.

Martha remembered our new sound ‘s’ and has been able to identify objects that begin with the sound in a sorting game.

Mylie was really excited this week as the class have made a start on their puppet theatres with the buddies. We were working as a team to create the setting for our story… they look fabulous already!

Here are some photos from our play areas this week… we are trying really hard to ‘Make a Rainbow’ by completing different play tasks. Please ask you child about this 🙂

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


What have Primary 5 been up to?

In Primary 5 we have all been reading very enthusiastically during Accelerated Reading time and passing lots of tricky quizzes.

As part of living and growing we have planted a wide variety of different seeds which are already beginning to germinate and following on from our celery and blue water investigation we are going to be growing some micro-organisms (yeast) under different conditions. We may be able to observe some surprising results!

Primary 5 comments:

Aidan: “I am really using a growth mind set which is helping me in maths.”

Leo: “I am challenging myself during the Daily Mile.”

Tegan: ” I was able to write a good set of instructions.”

Hannah R: “I have been watering our class seeds and seeing them begin to germinate.”



What is happening in P5/6?

P5/6 have been busy with lots of different things since starting the term. We have been looking at How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell as our class novel. So far we have been creating instructions on dealing with a dragon and giving advice to the main character, Hiccup. We have also been out exploring our Secret Garden, measuring it using different tools and strategies and creating garden floorplans on the computers.

The class have been thinking about our growth mindsets, and how we can overcome difficult situations. We have all created our own ‘Learning Pits’ which will go up on display… they help us think about how we overcome challenges in our learning and how we can succeed.

Iona: “It’s been fun learning all about designing the gardens on the computers”

Amy: “It was good fun measuring the Secret Garden. I used a meter stick!”

Mr Drysdale

P5/6 Learning Pits