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P3bs Learning this week

I writing we have been doing a story about the battle between the people of  Loch Marr and the Duke of Lannister’s Army. We had to include connectives, adjectives, openers, alliteration and onomatopoeia and similes. (Robert)

We have been practising joining our handwriting. (Nicole)

In PE we did an obstacle course.  We did speed jumping( hurdles), we threw javelins, racing and forward rolls. (Nicole, Tayler, Robert)

We have been outside to find symmetry and made our own symmetrical patterns (Kaylah)

In French we played a matching game to find different members of the family. (Brooke, Robert)

We played number games with Mr Irwin (Tayler)

We started reading our new story called the Sheep Pig and it is about a Pig that was won by Mr and Mrs Hoggit  Babe met the sheep dog called Fly .  Fly takes care of Babe. (Alfie)

P3bs Learning

This week we have been making umbrellas to show our rights.  (Logan and Rares)

We have been finishing off our towers.  We have put a cup inside our tower and added our princess, knight, king and dragons so that they pop up. (Rares and Kaylah)

In football we have been playing mini matches and practising dribbling and protecting the ball. (Finlay, Steffan, Robert)

In science, we have been learning how canons work by seeing how far they shoot.  We had fun trying to shoot a target with our canons and we tested out different sizes of syringe to see how far they can go. We found that the 10ml syringe went further. (Alfie, Steffan, Robert, Kyle)

In P.E. we have started to learn about sports.  This week we have jumped hurdles, played hockey, skipped, practised our shooting and played rugby. (Callie)

We have practised our handwriting. (Rares)

Also in writing we have been trying to uplevel our sentences to make them better, but keep the same idea.  We had to add things to just improve them.  We wrote Charlie Stinky Socks, a dragon and a king. (Tayler and Robert)

P5A – Lots of learning!

There has been some really exciting learning going on in P5A over the last few weeks, with pupils responding really well to some challenging chunks of skills and knowledge thrown their way.

We have been focussing on directions and coordinates in Maths. Plenty of practical work outside has helped with this.  Everyone has been great at multiplying and dividing with 10,100,1000 and are still working on improving those fast facts in their multiples in numeracy.

IDL has seen great cooperative work with a focus of scavenging and building a survival shelter. This was great fun and a real challenge, but the class took away a lot from it and knew how to improve it if they had another chance. We even got a chance to wear wellies and waterproofs!

Elli – “We made a shelter using equipment thanks to the nursery! We used some crates, tarpaulin and lots of ropes and poles”

Aiden B – “We have been doing handball in PE with Mr Barrie”

Have a look at the photos to get an idea of what the learning has looked like.


P3bs Learning

In Science we have started to build the pneumatics for our castle tower. (Robert)

We have been building 3D skeleton shapes with a partner using plastercine and straws.  We had figure out what the shape was by reading  the description of a 3D shape and then make it. (Robert, Finlay, Tayler)

In Writing we have made a character description for our own character.  We had to include personality traits and appearance. (Jack, Brooke and Callie)

In assembly we had House captains and we were playing a World Book Day quiz.  We were asked questions about Harry Potter and Paddington and we had thousands of questions.  If we needed help we could phone a friend.  We got bonus points for if we guessed the advert correctly.  It was really fun!  (Tayler, Robert)