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P7 Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Primary 7 have started a brand new topic learning about cameras and how they work, how to animate and how to edit videos. They will also be looking at shadows, how light travels, what its made of and they will be doing lots and lots of experiments! Primary 7 are really excited and have created groups of 3 with a spokes-person and a leader who will make a decision if the rest of the group can’t!

Children’s comments on Literacy Week.


The children really enjoyed Literacy Week this year, but don’t just believe us hear what they said:

“ I liked Where’s Wally the best of all because you had to read and understand the questions before you started to look”

“It introduced us to other types of books”

“We learned how to do new tasks “

“When the bell rang everyone read and it was quiet. I like to read in the quiet”

“ I liked doing the new book reports”

“ I liked the Blue Peter reviews”

“ When everyone was dressed as a character it made you think back on all the books you had read”

“ I liked the homework tasks – they were fun”