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Certificate Winners List

Certificate headerIt was a very busy day at assembly this morning with some well earned certificates being handed out! Here is the list of those well–deserved pupils. Well done!!



  • Finlay Jack – football trophy
  • Brodie Mackay 2 gold medals at British Karate Championships
  • Innes Clark A medal for archery
  • Cody Woods – a gold medal for football
  • Bradley Clark football trophy
  • Calum Middleton football trophy
  • Innes Clark Badges at Boys Brigade
  • Jack Muir A medal for archery
  • Blair Cadle a medal for football and scoring a hat trick
  • Sarah Lambert awarded a place at Scottish Ballet’s Junior Associate Scheme
  • Aaron Macdonald football trophy
  • Alan Rogers football trophy

Maths Challenges

  • Lewis McGillvray
  • Daniel Williams
  • Jamie Sheil

Confident Individuals

  • Jordan Windram P4
  • Jennifer Greig P5
  • Hannah Bowie P5

Effective Contributers

  • Leaf Buchanan P4
  • George Gray P7
  • Amber Allison P1
  • Keiren McNaughtP5/6
  • Rachel La Roche P5/6

Successful Learners

  • Charlie Alexander P1
  • Kuba Zkizyniarz P5
  • Sarah Lambert P5
  • Douglas Page P2
  • Emma Ross P4/5
  • Crystal Page P5/6
  • Michael Garden P5/6
  • Nicole Ritchie P7
  • Lana Waites P3
  • Chloe Jenkinson P3
  • Finlay Jack P3
  • Bailey Howarth P3
  • Lily Bailey P3
  • Calum Middleton P3
  • Daniel Sytnik P4/5
  • Alexander Craighead P4/5
  • Cody Woods P4
  • Natalie Hastie P4

Responsible Citizens

  • Matthew Mangan P7
  • Lewis Kenny P3
  • Carla Morrison P3
  • Kevin Fitchie P3
  • Megan Cummings P3
  • Nicole Ritchie P7
  • Ebony Tierney P1
  • Abbi Lee Cairney P2
  • Ciaran Gillespie P2
  • Karimas Zidonis P1/2


What’s On in May/June

Travelling Theatre play with anti bullying focus to whole school.
P3 – Football Festival
Don’t forget your gym kit and a refreshing drink.
P6/7 – East Lothian Inter-School Athletics @ Meadowbank
P2’s Palette Garden will be set up at Gardening Scotland 2013.
M&Co Fashion Show for Pinkie School
Dress Down Day!!
Pinkie School Fair 10-12
P7 visit the Musselburgh Grammar
P4, P5 & P6 visit Butterfly World
P3 & P3/4 visit Vogrie Country Park

P3,4 and 4/5 News

P4/5 are starting  to learn about invertebrates and going out on an angle hunt. They have also been going outside to play rounders and having a workout. Primary 3, 4 and 4/5 spent an exciting Friday morning on their junk ‘Invention Challenge’. In mixed groups each team had to decide which challenge they would go for. Would they design and make a table tidy or a car? Or would they prefer to choose a rocket or jewellery box? Teams then drew their designs and decided what materials they would need. After break the teams had one hour to build their challenge from junk.  The following week, all 3 classes meet up to show everyone their finished product and discuss some of its features.

P1 Growing!!!

P1 have been learning about how things grow and have been seperating things that grow and things that don’t!!! The things that they found some things that grow like  Bugs, Plants, Flowers, Vegetables, People and Trees. They have been planting Mint, Corriander, Chives and Bazil!!!