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P1B Judo Taster

This week P1B had the opportunity to try out Judo with Jake from Destination Judo. We had a great time!

We had to listen carefully and follow some important rules. We were asked to take our shoes off , put on Judo jackets and stay on the soft mats at all times. We know that we should only practise Judo if we have a trained Judo teacher!

If you would like to know more about Destination Judo and classes on offer you can visit their web page at

Here are some photographs to show you some of the games and movements we tried- sorry they are a bit blurry 🙁

Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone- I hope we all had a wonderful Easter and have had lots of yummy scrummy chocolate eggs and good fun!

P1B have come back to a new classroom layout. Our tables have changed and we are now earning points when Miss Wood spots us following the Golden Rule and working hard. We have made a fantastic effort so far and are enjoying having new talking partners! Well done everyone.

This week we have revised lots of  learning and have been rounding off our topics. We are about to begin a mini topic on ‘Living Things’- looking at plant and animal lifecycles and food chains. Hopefully the weather improves and we can get outside more when learning.

We have also continued to learn French and  we are hoping to work with Charlotte to hold a little open morning/afternoon soon where our parents and guardians can come in and see some of the things we are doing to help us learn. We will keep you posted about this!

Next week Miss Wood would like to collect in our Reading is Braw Diaries so that she can add to and check reading records. Please hand these in on Friday with homework.

P1B 🙂

Happy Easter Everyone!

P1B and friends  have had a great few days enjoying  Easter crafts and activities. We have been learning all about the Easter story and why people celebrate by rolling eggs. We have also made lots of lovely Easter crafts, chocolate nests and have even had an egg hunt! It was really tricky but lots of fun. Here are some photographs to let you see what we have been up to.

Happy Easter to everyone! I hope you all enjoy your holidays and are ready for the new term ahead.

P1B and Literacy Week

P1B have had a really exciting week. We have been exploring the 4 main aspects of Literacy- Reading, Writing, Listening and Talking. We have been reading each day when the ‘Reading Bell’ rings, listening to a range of stories at snack, writing book reports, launching the Reading is Braw initiative, sharing our opinions and dressing up as our favourite characters. Have a look at our AMAZING costumes!!!!

Next week we are able to visit the book fair (we will each be given a £1 book token) and you can start your Reading is Braw diary at home! Remember to keep track of your reading and look after your diaries as you will earn a prize at the end of each 5 week block if you bring it in to school to show me! I will send out reminders in your homework.

Happy reading P1B 🙂

Literacy Week 2016!

Literacy week is upon us and is next week (29th Feb – 4th March)Our theme this year is ‘What does Literacy look like at Pinkie?’

The main aspects of the week are as follows:

  • Every day there will be reading bell at 11am for 10mins. The children will stop all activities and enjoy reading a book for this time.
  • Homework – Homework next week will be based all around literacy and will come home with your child on Monday. The children have a choice of tasks to complete focusing on listening, talking, reading and writing. They have to be coloured/signed by an adult at home as  they are completed and they can use homework jotters to record any information!
  • Keep an eye on the blog for posts from your child’s class!
  • The Musselburgh cluster initiative ‘Reading is Braw’ will be launched on Tuesday.
  •  Thursday is World Book Day. We ask that the children dress up as their favourite book character on this day, which will be good fun.! We will have a literacy assembly this day where the children can parade their costumes! The children will all also receive their book voucher.
  • Some of the tasks that the children will be enjoying will be put out on display for the upcoming parents evening for you all to see.
  • The book fair will be here on the 9th – 11th March  and it will be opened from the Wednesday – Friday.

If you wish to look at the world book day website for the list of this years £1 books, ideas, resources or games then here is the link:

We all look forward to a focus on literacy next week and keep checking the blog for photos, examples of learning from classes across the school and updates!