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P4a Super Swimmers!

Last term P4a completed a block of swimming lessons at the Musselburgh Pool. Everyone made fantastic progress either by becoming more confident in the water or learning and developing new strokes.

Today everyone received a certificate to celebrate their progress. Everyone also was given the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence further either with a voucher for free swims or a letter which allows grown ups to organise a block of free swimming lessons. Hopefully everyone in P4a will take advantage of these offers.

Here are some of our thoughts about our swimming lessons.

Kasper -I thought the lessons were really good as they helped us all get more confident in the water.

Bruce -Swimming was really fun and we all got much better.

Sam – It felt really good when we all  achieved what we were asked to do.

Hannah -It was great and I enjoyed learning new things .I couldn’t really swim but now I can.

Willow -I learned different strokes and can now swim better.

Megan -Swimming was awesome .I have learned lots and can do things I couldn’t do before.

A huge well done to you all you should all be proud of your achievements !


What’s happening at Pinkie this week……..

Week beginning: Monday 23 April 2018


P5-P7 – Drama Sessions (School Dance Studio)


Judo Taster Sessions (various classes)
Music Sessions (various classes)
PE Sessions (various classes)


Drop-in “Tea & Toast” (Nurture Room)
P3 Football Festival (Pinkie 3G)


Grandison Memorial Football Tournament (Pinkie 3G)
PE Sessions (various classes)
Cello/Violin Lessons


P7 Pupils to the Risk Factory
PE Sessions