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School Book Fair

We are still urgently needing parent volunteers to run our Fair  in the week beginning Monday 8 October .

If you are able to spare a hour between 9 and 10 on Wednesday  and Thursday morning and 8.30 until 10 on the Friday your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to our 2 parent volunteers who will be running the Fair each day after school.

As mentioned previously it would be fantastic if we could have the Fair open for parents to visit when they attend Parent’s Evenings that week but we can’t do it without YOUR help !

If you are able to help in any way please get in touch with Mrs Dixon or the school office .


A busy week in P2/3

This week Primary 2/3 have been extremely busy.We are learning all about our body and we have been finding out how our heart works and taking our pulses.

We have been exploring different emotions and this week we have been focusing on anger.We have thought about how our body looks and feels when we are angry and have written stories about what makes us feel angry. We have created pictures of what we think anger looks like and have added these to our emotions floorbook.

Over recent weeks we have enjoyed making different patterns using shapes and colours and this week we have been learning about number patterns with odd and even numbers.

We are looking forward to showing our parents around our classroom on our open mornings on Thursday 27 September and Thursday 4 October .It would be appreciated if you could return your reply slips or speak to Mrs Dixon  as soon as possible to let us know if you are able to join us.Many thanks to all who have replied already .

News4U Episode 2 – New Pupils

Welcome back to News4U, this week we talk to a number of new pupils; Kuba, Pola and Jordon.

Every year a new group of P7 pupils take over in the Pod. Over the year, we learn new skills in terms of learning how to use recording equipment, how to conduct interviews and narrate the episodes. It’s a learning process. We start with simple stuff and build up. This year is no exception. Week by week our podcasts will get better.So enjoy this week’s and stay tuned.

What’s happening at Pinkie this week……..

Week beginning: Monday 17 September 2018


School Holiday


Credit Union collections to school
Singing Practice
Swimming Lessons – P4a
No Cello Lessons
Music Sessions (various classes)


P7 Tag Rugby – Meadowmill
Drop-in “Tea & Toast” (Nurture Room)
Swimming Lessons – P4a
Violin Lessons (am)


Assembly (am)
PE sessions (various classes)
P1 pupils – Music Sessions


PE sessions (various classes)
Early Years Athletics (Nursery pupils)