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What’s happening at Pinkie this week……..

Week beginning: Monday 22 January 2018


Football Tournament (Douglas Allen Shield) – Meadowmill
Credit Union (am)


Swimming Lessons – P4a – Musselburgh Sports Centre
Music Sessions (various classes)
PE Sessions (various classes)


Swimming Lessons – P4a – Musselburgh Sports Centre
Drop-in “Tea & Toast” (Nurture Room)
Cello & Violin Lessons


PE sessions (various classes)
M&M Productions – “Beauty & The Beast” – P1-P7


P1-P7 – finalists for Scottish Poetry

Learning in P4B

‘In science we had to build a tower out of paper. It was tricky because it kept falling down but we had a growth mindset. The school value it demonstrated was resilient.’ Kai

‘We went outside for outdoor learning with Miss Walton and Mr Stone. We needed a fire but we kept a safe distance away from it.’ Matthew

‘We were doing our Rabbie Burns poem. Our poem is called ‘Up in the Morning Early” Zahara

‘My group and I were building a tower out of paper and ours was the tallest. It was about 80cm tall’ Aimee

‘We were creating mythical creatures using Harry Potter as a theme. We had to illustrate and write all about it.’ Nicole

Please remember we have our Beauty and the Beast Panto on Thursday afternoon 🙂

News from P1C

We have been very busy this week, this is what we have been up to:

Leon – we have been learning about the emergent layer of the rainforest, we made animals!

Zak – we have learnt the sound ‘th’

Maia – we have been learning what to do on the computers.

Joshua – we have been learning how to do take away sums.

Sophia – we were learning about what is inside your body.

Caladh – We have been learning with our numbers to 50.

Mishka – We have doctors stuff in our role play and I like it!

News4U Episode 11

Behind the scenes with News4U

This week we are talking Scots and ‘Your Voice, Your Choice’. We hope you enjoy our list of words. How many do you know ? Do you have a favourite one we missed?
We also went to the Brunton to hear about a new project for the school; ‘Your Voice, Your Choice.’ We could be winning some money for the school. There is some exciting news about this in this week’s News4U. But you have to listen right to the end.