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Proud To Be Pinkie

Well done to one of our P7 pupils who had the fantastic idea of creating a target for the Archer statue at the River Esk to aim at. This pupil got in touch with the yarn bombers who created the target. Very proud of our P7 pupil representing our school so positively in the community. Look out for the story in this weeks Musselburgh Courier.

Last week’s learning in P.1A

We had another busy week last week, which started with a voicemail from Sir Firebreath! He challenged us to tell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in the right order- which we all managed to do successfully. We also made some craft baby-bears and made our own porridge! We all agreed that we made it ‘just right’.

We also had lots of fun with Mrs Murray at gym, coordinating our bodies in lots of different ways, and enjoyed some ‘Dough Disco’ time as well. We also welcomed Peter Bear into our classroom for being the best dressed class! Our other highlights were:

  • Everything!- Caitlyn
  • I liked playing with the hammer and nails- Parker
  • I loved playing with Rhomey and drawing at the Writing Table- Bonnie
  • I loved playing with the Lego- Ethan
  • Chasing birds outside at break time, and the hammer- Ben

Aldi’s Kit for Schools

Pinkie are collecting stickers for Aldi’s Kit for Schools.

Every time you spend over £30 in any Aldi store you’ll receive a Team GB sticker. Take your stickers to the school to help complete our poster. Once complete with 300 stickers we can send the poster back and receive an exclusive sports kit and we could be in with a chance to win £20,000 for our school.

Visit for more information.


Beat The Street!


Let’s try to win Points for Pinkie!

Beat the Street is a fun, free game that will see areas including Musselburgh, Wallyford, Whitecraig, Prestonpans, Cockenzie & Port Seton and Longniddry  transformed into a giant game! See how far you can walk, cycle and run in just 6 weeks.

Play the game from 11 September – 23 October to win prizes for yourself or join a team to win leaderboard prizes.

Every pupil will get a fob and a map this week that they can use on the Beat Boxes that are appearing on lamp posts all over Musselburgh.  Family and friends can get a card from the library or leisure centre and join in as well!

Visit to register your fob or card and start beating the street.

Every journey you make adds to your points total as well as your team and the whole of your area. Stay active and earn points for the school team!

How far can you go?

Click here for more info

Mistakes are okay !

Last week in Primary 3b we talked about the importance of having a growth mindset and how it would help us learn and do our very best.

On Friday we read the story Brilliant oops! which was all about turning mistakes into something beautiful.

Each child was then given a piece of ripped paper that would normally be thrown in the recycling and asked to turn it into something beautiful.  The children were very creative and everyone came up with a different idea including penguins, mountains ,kittens, dogs and volcanoes. We enjoyed sharing our creations with the rest of the class and it was clear that P3B have amazing imaginations!!

The children were keen to take their creations home and hopefully over the weekend they have shared their ideas with you and explained how mistakes are okay and can even be beautiful !