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P4B’S First week back

It may have been the first week back but 4B was already exploring new learning.
RB – We learnt about how Mary Queen of Scots died.
CC – I learnt how to build a cannon.
LH – We learnt how to put a decimal point in the right spot.
KH – We learnt how to change pennies into pounds.
AA – I learnt what a proper noun is.
LD – I learnt what a noun was.
EB – I learnt how to begin to climb a rope.
RP – We began to learn our Scottish poems, The Sair Finger and Mince and Tatties.
The class began there swimming lessons.

Homework – Due Wednesday 23rd.
P4B have the option to learn one of two poems.
The Sair Finger or Mince and Tatties.

New Year’s Resolutions – News4U Episode 10

Well, welcome back to News4U. This is the time of year when many  decide to do something new or make a personal objective for the new year. We spent a little bit of time interviewing all sorts of people about what they were hoping to do in 2019. There are some amazing resolutions and if you have something to share then please use the comments to let us know what you are up for.

P5b’s First Week Back

P5 have returned to school ready to learn. We have started the term by thinking about our new IDL topic  Healthy Living.  We looked at what we thought made a person Healthy and created a list of suggestions and questions under two headings- Mental Health and Physical Health.

In Numeracy we all got really excited when we tried identifying a fraction of a shape and finding equivalent fractions, for the first time.


First week back in p7a and the launch of house points!

7A have got back in to the swing of things quickly, with numeracy, maths, literacy and IDL filling up the week!

In IDL we have been learning about natural disasters and before we started learning about it we made a great wall of inspiration and it is a wall of questions about natural disasters that we don’t know and we all want to find out . (Rebecca)

We have officially launched our house points system and now you can earn house points for your house! We have 4 tubes at the front, where you will add counters which you earn. P7 spoke about this at assembly on Thursday! We will choose the treat for the winning house soon, and the winning house will get it in 4 weeks time.