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News4U – Episode 10 The Christmas One

The actor interview

The whole school seems to be rehearsing for a variety of different plays, show and ‘productions’. The News4U crew went out to interview actors. We also provide a very useful guide to all the information about parties and other activities. This week’s pod is produced again by the very able Katie with her assistants, Eve and Edmee.
Can we also make another appeal for spare Lego to help P3a build a life size castle…please help.
Also we would like to remind everyone about the food bank donations. Thanks.

The pod is taking a break for a couple of weeks. Thanks again for listening. If you like it, please tell us and others.

What’s happening at Pinkie this week……..

Week beginning: Monday 4 December 2017


Football Sessions (various classes)
Girls Football Match v. Burgh (3.45 pm kick off) – at Pinkie


Play on Pedals (Nursery)
Football Sessions (Nursery & P1a)
Credit Union (am)
Music Sessions (various classes)


P1 and P2 Pupils – Music Sessions
Drop-in “Tea & Toast” (Nurture Room)
Cello & Violin Lessons
PE Sessions (various classes)


PE sessions (various classes)


PE Sessions (various classes)

Learning in P3b

In science we were pretending to be chicks and parent birds collecting worms.  We found that the brighter ones were easier to find. There are also predators that animals need to hide from. (Lily and Rares)

We started to plan the middle of our magical land story in writing. ( Callie)

This week we have also started to practise our Christmas Play.  (Alfie)  We are keeping it a secret until the big day (13th December).  We also wrote our invitations to parents and these should come home today.


Into the woods

The nursery children have been visiting the woods regularly over the past four weeks and have had an amazing time exploring the space, climbing trees, building dens, swinging in the hammock and finding out all about the Gruffalo.

We found purple prickles caught on the branches of the trees.
They have worked together to solve problems such as how our den will stay up and what we can use so that it will be warm inside. They have used the woodland resources creatively to develop their play and enjoyed sharing all they have learned with their friends back at nursery.