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African Life

Africa has the most animals in the world and it is the largest continent in the world and the some of the people that live there are very poor.

Africa have so many diferent landscapes which are the savannah,mountains,rainforests and desert.  there are also many diferent animals like snakes from the rainforest meerkats from the desert lions from the savhanah mountain lions from the mountains

When Giraffes kick they can crush the skull of a Lion.. Giraffes only sleep hlaf an hour a day.

Meerkats have up to 5-30 members in the Meerkat mob.Meerkats are members of the mongoose family.

We have been reading ‘The Butterfly Lion’ by Michael Mopurgo the boy is called Bertie and he is home schooled.

by Emma, Blair, Lucy,Daniel, Leaf,Innes,Kody,Alana,Claire