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What’s happening at Pinkie this week……




Staff & Pupils return
P4a – Swimming Lessons (at Musselburgh Sports Centre)
Cello Lessons
Music Sessions (various classes)


P4a – Swimming Lessons (at Musselburgh Sports Centre)
Drop-in – “Tea & Toast” (Nurture Room)
Violin Lessons
P5/6, P6 & P6/7 Hockey (Pinkie Playing Fields)


PE Sessions (various classes)
Kids Knit Class (after school)



News4U is back

Mr Drysdale being interviewed
Mr Drysdale being interviewed

It’s the first interview of the year for the all new News4U team. Here we have Zoe and Chloe interviewing a new teacher, Mr Drysdale.  We also have an interview with another new teacher, Miss Yates. If you want to know anything about Pokémon GO; we have the smartest people in Pinkie about Pokémon GO here.

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Pinkie St Peter’s and Levenhall Nursery Development Plan 2016-2017


Priority Actions
Promoting Positive Partnerships To extend Tea and Toast
  To implement play on pedals
  To develop family learning programmes
  To increase communication through school website
  To embed the school vision values and aims
   To increase community engagement
Increasing resilience and emotional health of all equitably To implement CAHMS in Pinkie St Peter’s Primary
  To raise attendance
  To embed the Pinkie 15 (mile)
  To deliver Nature Nurture in the nursery
  To train support staff and implement Lego Therapy
  To promote responsible citizenship by caring about things
  To embed strategies for supporting emotional health and wellbeing talks e.g. emotion talks, Growth Mindset, restorative, cluster health and wellbeing working.
  To meet children’s needs through the personalised support provided in Social Groups
  To work with partners to provide out of school opportunities for wider achievement
  To meet children’s needs through the personalised support provided in the Nurture Room
  To embed the policy on promoting positive relationships
  To develop mindfulness approaches in a class pilot
To ensure a consistent approach to learning teaching and assessment To increase consistent approaches to learning and teaching across the school in

·         Literacy and English

·         Maths and Numeracy

·         Languages (1 + 2)

  To increase staff confidence in delivering science
  To implement Learning Teaching and Assessment Policy
  To align quality Assurance processes with How Good Is Our School 4
Raising attainment and wider achievement across learning through the whole school and nursery To provide rich purposeful play experiences through early level and beyond
  To implement Making Thinking Visible across the school
  To consistently use floor books in nursery to allow children to plan for and lead their learning
  To further develop reading for enjoyment as a community project
  To promote pupil voice and raise self-confidence through use of digital technologies
  To increase the use of the outdoor environment to provide rich learning experiences
  To promote children’s voice and raise self-confidence through the use of puppets at Early Level
  To implement wider achievement tracking and enable skills to be applied in school and beyond
  To maintain a robust and rigorous system of personalised daily support to raise attainment in   literacy and numeracy