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All of P2/3 from last year were celebrating when they received a certificate from Five Sister’s Zoo thanking them for their fantastic donation of £198.45 to the Fire Fund.

P2/3 raised the money through a sponsored word-search and a sponsored dance.

Some Reminders!


Wednesday 2nd October those children who have been given parental/Carer permission will receive their flu vaccination by way of a nasal spray.

Parent Consultations

Parent consultations will take place over the evening of 2nd October and the afternoon of 3rd October. This is an opportunity to see your child’s work and discuss their progress with the class teacher and, where relevant, with the support for learning teacher.

Walk to School Week

The first week in October will see the walking bus returning to Pinkie Road

View Pinkie St. Peter’s Walking Bus Route in a larger map

Here are the approximate times we shall be hoping to follow:
8.30 St. Ninian’s Church
8.40 Farm Shop Entrance
8.45 Ashgrove
8.50 Arrive at school

Put a walk into your child’s day. Join us on the walking bus! Parents, carers and teachers are welcome too!

Pinkie Parents Meeting

The AGM of Pinkie Parents will take place at 7pm on 7th October. This will then be followed at 7.30pm by a usual meeting. The two architects who are designing the new extension will be attending and will present the plans. Everyone is welcome to attend.

P7 Parents Visit to Musselburgh Grammar

Parents of next years S1 pupils have the opportunity to visit Musselburgh Grammar 10th October at 6.30pm.

The PIE Club Start Computer Programming with Scratch

The Pinkie PIE Club (Pinkie ICT Experts) have been starting to explore computer programming with Scratch.

They used a free program, Scratch, developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to help children learn programming. Scratch can now be used as a web version, but, if you want, you can down load the application here:

Scratch uses a Lego-like “building bricks” interface to enable children to learn the principles of programming without having to worry about obscure command syntax. Learn more about Scratch here.

Here are some examples showing the sort of thing that the PIE Club members are now able to do one their own.

(Move your mouse pointer and watch how the fish reacts.)

(Use your arrow keys to navigate the ant around the course.)

You can view more PIE Club Scratch animations and games here.