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P2B Go for Gold with Gardening Scotland

The fantastic award winning entry from Pinkie.
The fantastic Gold Medal winning entry from Pinkie.

Congratulations to P2B who were awarded a gold medal at the recent Scotland’s Gardening Festival at Ingliston 3-5th June.

For three days the grounds of the Royal Highland Centre Edinburgh underwent a transformation in an explosion of scent and colour. This was Gardening Scotland – the national gardening and outdoor living show and Scotland’s gardening festival!

It is the biggest plant fair in Scotland and promised to provide everything from an abundance of beautiful plants to tools, equipment, garden furniture and all the inspiration you could need to make your garden grow.

Great friend of Pinkie St Peter’s Primary, Heather Paul worked every Tuesday morning  leading up to the event, taking small groups of children to work on a special planter themed, ‘The Teddy Bear’s Picnic’. Every child created a drawing about their own Teddy Bear’s Picnic which the children had had one lovely sunny morning outside. They children also pressed ivy leaves, and had pictures showing how they had made the planter. Mrs Barclay and Heather took the planter to the show grounds on the afternoon of Thursday 2nd June and on Friday morning Heather phoned the school to tell us that the class had been awarded the gold medal.

So well done to everyone in P2B; this was an amazing achievement! Special thanks too to Heather Paul who was able to make this happen.

Little and Large Cooking Competition


Congratulations to Keira  and Haydn who were successful learners and effective contributors as finalists at the Little and Large Cooking Competition last Thursday afternoon.   They competed with finalists from across East Lothian. The competition is called ‘Little’ because Hayden and Keira might be considered little but only comparatively speaking as they cook with a 3rd year Musselburgh Grammar student, who is considered by age to be the ‘large’.
We are extremely proud of  their achievements. Haydn and Keira cooked chicken nuggets and potato wedges from scratch, no boxes from the freezer used here! They also made strawberry cheesecakes! Yum!
We enjoyed making a fuss of you at assembly to day. Well done!! Enjoying having that wonderful trophy for a year between you!
School Value: Achieving!

From everyone at Pinkie.

Well done!

Paul Hanlon Visit!

As part of Health week, we were very lucky to have a visit from a professional footballer called Paul Hanlon. Paul Hanlon came to visit all of the children at Pinkie and the children had prepared some excellent questions! Paul Hanlon is a defender from Hibernian and was talking about his life as a footballer. He discussed what skills and attributes are required to be a successful footballer! The children were all very excited and said they really enjoyed their time with Paul Hanlon. Here are some more comments from P5.

Robbie “ Paul Hanlon came to see the whole school in Pinkie and spoke to us about how great it was winning the Scottish cup!”

Jay J “ Paul Hanlon came to the school to answer some of the questions which had already been prepared by the children. Kyle asked the question from our class. When he came he gave us all an autograph and he signed some footballs, scarves and books.”

Rhys “Paul told us he was very happy when he won the Scottish cup and said it was the best day of his life!”

Demi “ Paul Hanlon came to speak to us as part of Health week and spoke about his life at Hibs!”

Anna “ Paul Hanlon said that if he was able to choose what team he played for his dream team would be Manchester United.”

Kyle “ His favourite player was David Beckham before he retired. He now would say his favourite player is Sergio Ramos.”

Aaliyah “ To be a football you need to have a healthy diet. He goes to training five days every week and usually has a weekend game. He only gets one day off a week.”

Maddie “Miss McLaren brought in Paul Hanlon and stood at the front of the Assembly with him. Miss McLaren asked him questions and then we all got to ask more. We all listened very carefully.”


Wider Achievements and News in P5/6!

Wider Achievements for this week:

Aaron McIntyre: At a football tournament on Saturday his team won one, lost one and drew one. His manager said his team played very well. Well done!

Harry Glasgow: At Ratho climbing centre at the weekend Harry managed to get to the top of a really high climbing wall. Well done!

This week in P5/6:

Maths: we have moved on to using the formula to find the volume of a cuboid.

Number: Addition and subtraction sums which have more than one step.

IDL: Finishing off our Riding of the Marches topic and learning a bit more about Nelson Mandela after P5/6 were so interested in him from having South Africa as our Olympic country.

Reading Skills: Completing some more Making Thinking Visible Routines for Abomination.

Writing: Writing a diary entry.

We hope you have a good week! Remember Riding of the Marches Exhibition is on Thursday and the P5/6 slot is 2.50-3.10pm.


What’s happening at Pinkie this week……..

Week beginning: Monday 6 June 2016


Visit to classes by PC Smith (“Keeping Myself Safe”)
PE Sessions (various classes)
Nursery/P1 Transition (Basic Moves)


Visit to classes by PC Smith (“Keeping Myself Safe”)
P7 Fundraising Activity – Cake Sale
Music Sessions (various classes)
Cello Lessons


Homestart Drop-in – “Tea & Toast” (Nurture Room)
Violin Lessons
Riding of the Marches Rehearsal


Riding of the Marches Exhibition
Packed Lunches only being served to pupils
PE Sessions (various classes)
P4 Rugby Session


Dress Down Day – Donation for Chocolate Tombola (School Fair) Assembly
Riding of the Marches Exhibition