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P7 Fundraising Raffle

P7 collected the first entries in to our fundraising raffle today.

Here is a list of the prize pot which continues to grow thanks to generous donations:

Cakes n Shakes gift voucher

LCDC Party gift voucher for up to 20 children!

Valhalla therapy session

Amarone restaurant gift voucher

2 x super soaker giant lollipop

Gumball machine

Oral B electric toothbrush

Just Pink Perfume and Body lotion

Paw Patrol Bubble Blower

7 different Soap and glory products

White Grace beauty kit

Baylis and Hardin beauty travel set

Colourful lifesaver phone case

Black phone case

Jimmy Choo perfume

Clarins beauty set


Star of The Week

Star of the Week1

P1A: Brook, Finlay, Mariah and Fraser are successful learner and responsible citizen. They work hard and are being good friends !

P1B: Callie is an effective contributor . She is always helping others !

P2A: Matti is a  successful learner who is trying really hard with spelling words !

P3A : Alex is  kind and helpful and is always trying his best !

P3B: Nicolas is a successful learner who has excellent writing !

P4A : Mia is a successful learner who is making FABULOUS AND EXCELLENT PROGRESS IN SWIMMING !

P4/5: Miya is a successful learner who shows good concentration and is  working hard !

P5: Rosalind is a successful learner with excellent descriptive writing and effort !

P5/6: Edmee is a successful learner and effective contributor who is excellent  at putting detail in her work and helping others when they are stuck.

P6: Megan is working hard, asking good questions and showing a good attitude.

P7A: Hannah is a confident individual who puts in a lot of effort in every curriculum area.

P7B: Jack M is a successful learner who always shows motivation and enthusiasm for learning.

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P7 Raffle for Leavers Trip

One of the lucky winners!
One of the lucky winners!

At Parents’ Night on 25th March 2015 we organised a raffle to raise money for the P7 Leavers Trip. The grand total raised was £131.80

The winners of the raffle were Erin (P7), Innis (P6), Molly (P4), Callum  (P4) and Rebecca  (P3).

The prizes included a bottle of Presco (over 18’s only), a foot spa set, a pamper gift set, a giant Easter egg, Cadbury Sharing Bars and finally an Easter Gift Basket.

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets.

Erin, Sarah, Erin.

P7 Fundraising

easter eggsThis Easter the Primary 7’s have organised a few great ways to help increase their funds for a leaving event later in the year. An Easter egg designing competition, an Easter egg hunt and a cake sale!!

Egg Designing Competition 50p per entry

Collect an Egg Designing Competition entry form from P7 (on sale from Monday 16th March 50p per entry) and make sure to return the decorated eggs to Mrs Samson’s class before 25th of March for judging.

Cake Sale 50p per cake

Monday 30th March P1 & P2
Tuesday 31st March P3 & P4
Wednesday 1st April P5, P6 & P7

Egg Hunt 50p per pupil
Wednesday 1st April

Please ensure that any money brought to school for these events is placed in an envelope labelled ‘P7 Easter