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P4B’s Week

We have been working on our numeracy, addition, subtraction and multiplication.

We started to look at position and movement in maths.

Today we looked at Internet security and safe things to share online.

We learn’t some things about Vikings. They spoke Norse and we still use some of their words today, Egg, Muck and Dirt.

Vikings also did not have horns on their helmets, that was made up.

What did P4Bs week look like.

We have been learning about the Artic and Antarctic Ocean, and the animals that live there.

We learnt that Polar bears and penguins never meet in the wild.  

We have been learning how to use Google Slides.

In Science we made circler winged aeroplanes.

We got to meet our new teacher, Mrs Samson.

I have been extending my writing using my imagination. My story was about a hot air balloon race that went around the world.


This term we have been learning about electricity.We have been creating our own circuits and testing materials to see if they are conductors or insulators. We have also been writing instructions so that we could teach someone else how to create a circuit.

Last week we had a talk from Powerwise. The speaker showed us lots of interesting pictures and objects, including an overhead line from the railway. Most importantly, he reminded us how dangerous electricity can be and gave us useful tips to help us to stay safe around it.

School Disco

On the 27th of November there was a school disco every class was invited. The infants were earlier then the upper school later. There were dance competitions and there were lots of prizes to be won. There was lots of people wearing Halloween costumes  and bright lights and lots of loud music and people could request songs. It was lots of fun and at the end you could get a drink and a packet of crisps.