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P4 News

Primary 4 have been working extremely hard this term. We have just completed our Africa topic which ended with a very successful Museum and Fair Trade Coffee Afternoon. We would like to thank everyone who came to support us. Your entry fee and kind donations has helped us raise £75.00 in total for our charity ‘Send a Cow’. During this weeks Financial Education focus we will negotiate and decide on the charity gifts that we want to purchase. You will be able to see what we have chosen at the Showcase on Friday the 22nd of November.

Here are some photo’s from our drumming workshop with Dougie Houston. We all thought this was fantastic.

We are now beginning a new topic, learning all about electricity. This week we have been learning what electricity looks like and have been creating big art work examples of items which use electricity. We will be learning about electrical safety and are hoping to make circuits so that we can experiment with how electricity works. More posts to follow soon!


P3,4 and 4/5 News

P4/5 are starting  to learn about invertebrates and going out on an angle hunt. They have also been going outside to play rounders and having a workout. Primary 3, 4 and 4/5 spent an exciting Friday morning on their junk ‘Invention Challenge’. In mixed groups each team had to decide which challenge they would go for. Would they design and make a table tidy or a car? Or would they prefer to choose a rocket or jewellery box? Teams then drew their designs and decided what materials they would need. After break the teams had one hour to build their challenge from junk.  The following week, all 3 classes meet up to show everyone their finished product and discuss some of its features.

Football Coaching

On Thursdays a group of P3’s to p5’s have been getting football coaching by the football reps from the upper school. Active Schools football coach Ewan is the overall coach who is trying to coach the upper school coaches and the trainees at the same time. The purpose of this is to stop all the fighting and arguing.

P4 News!

P4 were doing there first drama lessons for there pow wow and what they thought the world started like.

They also did a scrapheep challenge which they all thought was fun and succesful.