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Parent Consultations (first night)

We have just had our first of two evenings for parents consultations last night and enjoyed a time when we can share information about your child(ren)’s progress with you. We would like to give special thanks to all staff and parents/carers for the evening as well as the Strings teachers and Pinkie Strings pupils for giving us such a wonderful ‘open rehearsal’. It was great to hear such wonderful music flowing throughout the school. Well done all and we look forward to meeting more parents and children this evening.


Scottish Assembly

The Pinkie Scottish assembly was a great success with some fine singing of several popular Scottish songs such as Ye Cannae Shove Your Granny off the Bus, Three Craws and Donald Where’s Your Troosers. We also had some excellent dancing by Clare who performed a Traditional Highland Sword Dance. Music was provided by a fine ensemble performance by Pinkie Strings. Leaf and Shannon gave a classy presentation of To A Mouse.


Scottish poetry was read superbly by pupils who had received first place in their class for their Scottish poetry recitations; Elli: Dingle Dingle Dousy, Holly: Doctor, Callum: Mince and Tatties, Chloe: The Sare Finger, Molly: Last Night, Robbie: A Voodoo for Miss Maverick, Levi: Address to A Haggis, Lucy: To A Louse, Jordan: To A Louse, Jamie:Tam O Shanter, Ben: Tam O Shanter

certificate for poetry recitation

The whole school then finished off with a rousing rendition of Auld Lang Syne.


Instrumental Music

Following recent testing, all spaces for violin/cello lessons have been filled. If your child did not receive a letter offering tuition in either instrument on this occasion, there may be opportunities to begin at a later date if spaces become available. There will definitely be further opportunities to be considered for instrumental music tuition when children transfer to secondary school