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Sports !!

Lots of great events kept us busy scoring points and having fun!


SPIE Club Animations

The SPIE Group have been looking at how to make some stop frame animations. Here are some of the results.

Scooby Doo and Daphne’s Treasure from Pinkie SPIE Club on Vimeo.

Moving Friends from Pinkie SPIE Club on Vimeo.

Magic Pencil from Pinkie SPIE Club on Vimeo.

Shaggy and Scoody Doo: Very VERY Gruesome Battle from Pinkie SPIE Club on Vimeo.

Hands!!!! from Pinkie SPIE Club on Vimeo.

orange !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from Pinkie SPIE Club on Vimeo.


I went to Benmore and it was fun. I did everything that was there. My leader’s name was Scrutt and he was very kind. He encouraged us to do the night walk which was exploring in the dark and we had to hold on to a rope to help keep us safe. The rope tells you where to go and if you go the other way you will get lost!


Super Sports

I enjoy having art and trying new challenges. I really like participating in Sports Day every year; it’s great fun when we set ourselves different things to try. Once in p5 we did Orienteering. It was funny when we kept getting lost! Sometimes we get tasters for rugby, tennis, badminton and running. We practise sports in the gym to get better at them. When we go on school trips we go to really cool places in the school bus;)!!!!!!

By Ellie

About the pieclub

yummy chocolate pie
yummy chocolate pie


PIE Club

In  September  there  was  a  group  called  the  PIE Club.  Mr Gilmore  helps with ICT for East Lothian Council. He came in on the first day and we all came in that first morning when the bell rang. We  went in the classroom and sat down and Mr Gilmore asked us what our names  were. There was Erin, Nicole, Willow, Thomas,  Sebastian and Taylor.  When  Mr  Gilmore sat down we started talking about Flipcam and Photopeach and went on the We.  Then we put it on the Pinkie St Peter’s website. When we were in class we all were talking about flipcams and photopeach and we all went on it when we had the laptops. It was fun but on Friday the last day we had sweets and crumbly biscuits and some milk. The sweets we had were Haribos and Jammie Dodgers and crisps it was nice we ate it all up and we had two cartens of milk.