What’s happening at Pinkie this week……..

Week beginning: Monday 10 September 2018


PE Sessions (various classes)


Credit Union collections to school
Singing Practice
Swimming Lessons – P4a
Cello Lessons (pm)
Music Sessions (various classes)


(Nursery) Pre-school pupils – Vision Screening
Drop-in “Tea & Toast” (Nurture Room)
Swimming Lessons – P4a
Violin Lessons (am)


(Nursery) Pre-school pupils – Vision Screening
Assembly (am)
P1 Open Morning
PE sessions (various classes)
P1 pupils – Music Sessions


School Closed – Autumn Holiday

School returns Tuesday 18 September 2018

This week in P6a

This week in P6a , we have been up to lots. This week our class started doing playground squad duties. Some of you will have noticed us around the playground wearing the red caps. We have had fun doing it this week and we are hoping it stays this way. Today we read our growth mind-set cartoons to our buddies in P1a. They sounded very amused when we read it to them. We have also enjoyed doing Read Write Inc with P7 and P6.

Thank you for reading

Isla and Maja

P2A update!

Hello everyone!

Here is a little update telling you what we have been up to from the children!


Michaela – we have been practising our numbers.

Ben- we have been learning about patterns.

Tillie – we have been doing numbers to 100.


Ewan – we have been finding our sounds and words with fly swatters.

Lucy – we have been reading books.

Kian – we have been writing why Pinkie is a good school.

Jack – we have been learning our letters in Read Write Inc.

Aaron W – we need to do our phonics.

Bailey – we have been learning our superhero words.


Lily – we have been learning about animals that come from the desert like a camel.

Steinar – Camels store fat in their humps and they don’t drink for a week.


Elisabeth – we are looking at different celebrations. We looked at weddings.


Freddie – we talked about anger and we made angry music with instruments.

Mia – we have been learning what makes us happy.

Rainbow Jobs

Lucie – we have been doing our rainbow jobs.

Kian – At home I have been doing a YouTube channel.


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