An unusual war wedding! P5A

Mrs Watt came in and talked about WW2 to P5a last Thursday during snack time. She told us about when her Grandmother and Grandfather had an unusual wedding! It was a surprising, interesting and enjoyable talk from Mrs Watt!

On the 23rd December, 1944 Mrs Watt’s Grandmother got married to a Welsh sailor. It was unusual because she actually had a wedding dress and two dinners. The cake had two tiers which was really lucky because of the rationing going on. One tier was donated from the Navy, and the other tier was made from all the rations from around the village.

After the wedding, it was talked about for years as it was so special. As a class we can understand because we have learned about rationing and how tough it was.

During the war Mrs Watt’s Grandad was in the North Sea on a Navy boat and they came across 9 Norwegian children in a rowing boat. They brought them aboard because they were going to sink and took them back to land. It was a tragic and heartwarming story.

We all say a massive thank you to Mrs Watt to sharing her story!

Look at the photographs to see the special day!

A massive well done to the whole class who combined their writing to make this post! – Mr Drysdale

Learning in P4B

‘We have gone out to the woods at the school and collected sticks for our showcase on Tuesday – we have turned them into magical wands’ Leah C

‘We have been painting characters from Harry Potter. My team, Team Voldemort created the character Hagrid’ Lewis

‘We have been making our own shields and we also created bigger shields for the houses of Hogwarts’ Rebecca

‘We were word building with playdough, hamma beads, magnetic boards and pasta shapes’ Caitlin E.

‘In outdoor learning we were creating bridges out of yellow boxes and wooden planks. We were also trying to get the ball past some tubes we were holding and eventually we bet our score’ Eli

Dyslexia Information Morning

Friday 12th January

On Friday 12th January 9am – 10am, our Educational Psychologist Penny Rackett will be holding an information session in school for parents/carers about dyslexia. This will include information on what dyslexia is and the new process by which we identify dyslexia. She will also be available to answer any questions that you may have. This is open to any Pinkie parents / carers who would like to come along to find out more about dyslexia. Hope to see you there!




This week in P6a

On Monday morning  as we entered our classroom we noticed  something was different…… naughty elf had joined our class!  We’ve  had much fun this week  discovering what mischief ‘Elfis’ has been up to during the night. Don’ t worry we are keeping a record of his activity to report it to Ms Ogden.

What's going on in Pinkie? Read it here first!