Celebrating Chinese New Year in our Pinkie St.Peters’s Nursery

It has been a busy week in the nursery. We’ve has so much fun celebrating Chinese New Year. We’ve found out that this year is a year of pig. We enjoyed making a dragon in the art area and danced with it on Friday. We’ve tasted some Chinese food ,did some amazing Chinese writing and we’ve had a turn to eat some marshmallows using chopsticks. We also enjoyed taking food orders in our Chinese café. We’ve watched a short video of how people celebrate New Year in China.


Celebrating Chinese New Year in the nursery

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year in our nursery. The children had lots of fun making Chinese dragon ,that they danced with on Friday. They’ve tasted some Chinese food and done some amazing Chinese writing .They have been listening to story about animals, enjoyed dressing up and playing in the Chinese café.



P6A: Weekly Update

Another busy week for P6A!

This week P6A continued to expand their knowledge about Scottish myths and legends. P6A learned about the mythical Redcaps… let’s hope that they truly are mythical!

P6A were also involved in working with P2/3 to decide how the new playground equipment should be used and looked after.

P6A finished this week by having a class-led philosophical discussion about two questions chosen during last week’s philosophy lesson. P6A shared ideas about their chosen questions: ‘Can money buy happiness?’ and ‘Is war okay?’. There were some very interesting points of view shared, argued and listened to.

– Mr Kenny


Our Learning This Week.

This week we learnt a number of interesting things .

We learnt about 3D shapes, I learnt Toblerone tube is a triangular prism. I learnt the difference between 2D and 3D shapes.

In RME, we learn’t the Pope is the head of the Catholic church and he was born in Argentina.

We went to an athletics festival, we did a lot of different activities we hadn’t done before like long jump and relays

In art and to do with Mary Queen of Scots, we drew a picture of a young Mary when she lived in France.  She had four friends with her all called Mary. (That must have been complicated.) Mary Seaton, Mary Beaton (they rhyme), Mary Livingston and Mary Fleming.

We also learnt Roman Numerals, they used letters instead of numbers. Here are a few I is a 1, V is used for a 5 and X is 10. Most of us are VIII.

Have a great February break.

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