We wore spots and we raised lots!

The annual ‘Children in Need’ appeal was generating lots of interest and we began the week with lots of discussion around Pudsey Bear and what this was all about. The children all know Pudsey Bear well and he featured in lots of our activities for the rest of the week. There was also an interest in castles, so some of the children made a variety of spotty castles and shields for ‘King Pudsey’. From the top of his castle he would shout, “Help, Help, Help us raise pennies for Children in Need”. On Thursday and Friday mornings we had ‘Pudsey Days’. The children and staff dressed in spots, fancy dress and pyjamas. We also made spotty cakes. These activities helped raise £132.08.
Thank you everyone who donated.

Free Oxford Reading Tree E-books

Dear Parents,

Like it or not the future seems to be growing in the development of e-books. The reading scheme used in school is Oxford Reading Tree and the company have published over 150 free e-books on line for use at home. Try them out, the reading level goes up to 11 years old and has a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction. In addition to the reading books there is a selection of free maths resources and e-books too, just click on the maths tab to see what is on offer. You can log on at http://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/FindBook If you find it useful let me have some feedback, it just might make homework a wee bit more pleasurable, or is it just my boys that try patience to the limit?

Richard Wilson


Emergency fire appliance required at Levenhall nursery school – the afternoon children had a visit from Blue Watch firefighters (Musselburgh firestation) who showed the children around their fire appliance. The children were shown a variety of tools that the fire fighters need to use in their job including hoses, ladders, axes, hammers and saws. They were then able to ‘drive’ the appliance turning the blue lights on to make them flash just like in a real emergency. We then went onto the grass and all the children had a turn of holding the hose and making the water shoot up into the air. We look forward to them visiting again in a few weeks time to see the morning group.

Autumn leaves are falling down

The children have been observing the changes in the seasons during a nature walk through Newhailes Estate. The children noticed the change of colours in the leaves from green to yellow, brown, red and orange and watched as they tumbled down to the ground. The children each had their own little bag and collected a variety of leaves as well as sticks, pine cones and beech nuts. They also noticed the sound of the leaves  crunching under their feet and enjoyed kicking and throwing them up into the air and trying to catch them. We also heard the birds singing high up in the trees. We then sorted their collection of Autumn materials back at the nursery.

Safety First!

The children in both morning and afternoon groups enjoyed a recent display with sparklers. We used this session to reinforce how to keep ourselves safe as Bonfire Night approaches. The children learned that only grown ups should touch the sparklers, to always wear gloves and have a bucket of cold water ready to cool the sparklers. If possible it is best to go to an organised display but if grown ups are going to light fireworks, never return to one that has been lit. We finished off with hotdogs and milk. Yum Yum!

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