Congratulations Dear Vampa!

The children at our nursery and throughout Scotland have been voting for their favourite story and the overall winner is ….. Dear Vampa by Ross Collins. A very funny story about living next door to vampires. The children had to listen to three stories Dear Vampa, Apple Pie ABC and Loon on the moon and vote for their favourite.

World Book Day

Here at Levenhall we aim to foster a love of books and an interest in literacy. The children were invited to bring their favourite books to nursery and throughout the week we have read these stories to the children. To promote this on World Book Day (1st March 2012) some of the children received their Bookbug Pirate Bag and the others received a special book to take home. They were very pleased with their gifts. You can see how they are looking after their books and turning the pages carefully.

Dance, Dance, Dance

Dance, Dance, Dance on PhotoPeach

We have recently started our annual creative dance sessions at MECLA. The children have enjoyed using dance as a medium to express themselves and act out a story. They have been learning about different ways to move and make shapes with their bodies. We are working on a dance routine, which we hope to show parents in May as part of ‘The Big School Dance Pledge’.

Spring has sprung!

One of our children informed us that it wasn’t winter anymore, it was spring. She was right, we are now in the season of spring and many of the flowers are peeping up through the grass. The snowdrops were first to come through in the garden, next came crocus and now daffodils. We have watched our resident magpies taking pieces of twigs from an old nest. It is possible they are building their nest at the top of the fir tree. We have observed the flowers and made comparisons in shape, size and colour. These observations were recorded in paintings, which we have put on display in the rooms. Look out for these when you come in.

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